1. There’s some amazing goodness in those – I bet you could almost live on them!
    I know what you mean about photographing black beans – they are so dense that they disappear. Try adding a desk lamp on the side furthest to the window or a big white card (…or even a mirror) to reflect light back in. Happy July – it”s good to hear from you 🙂

    • Thanks, MD. Good to see you here too. Yes you probably could live off the smoothie. Thanks for the tip. I’ll see how it goes 😉 be well!

  2. Thank you for sharing your smoothie with us! I love cherries and blueberries so much this time of year, and also smoothies. The kale in our garden is starting to be very abundant, so I need to do something with it! I think I could use it in this smoothie instead of the spinach. I really like the juxtaposition of the green smoothie and the dark red cherries in your photos. Such deep colors must mean lots of healthy nutrients! Glad you had a nice time in the Adirondacks…..Someday I want to go back there so badly. I love the photos of the porch–very rustic and natural, just the way I want to be in the summer. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenny. I’m so jealous of your garden and the kale. I use so much kale and spinach in these smoothies. It’s a good way to get all the phyto-nutrients. And yes, the deep colors make me feel like I’m doing something good for myself. That porch was from the AirBnB we stayed at in the mountains. It was so nice to have a full kitchen and an outdoor space and trees. These getaways are necessary especially in the summer. So great to see you as always. Actually, at work I tried to go to your site too and you’re blocked. I found out you were blocked first. We’re threats to the status quo! Be well. xo

  3. Haha, that is funny that my site is blocked too! We food bloggers are definitely a wild bunch. 🙂 I love AirBnB! We stayed at a cabin in the woods in Ontario last summer, and it was absolutely magical. And we didn’t pay any more than we would have for a hotel. I’m making a green smoothie tomorrow morning! 🙂

  4. we’ve also been on a smoothie kick, what with the heat wave we’re experiencing. i typically throw in chia seeds though, as that is what we always have in the cupboards. so glad to see your post up, but happy that you’re enjoying the season.

    • I sometimes throw chia seeds in too. Thanks for your sweet message. It does seem like working on anything in the summer is harder, even the things you love. Hope you guys are enjoying the summer. Xo

  5. Such a beautiful post Amanda. I love reading you and admire your mad photography skills so much. The way you’re heading with food calls out to me. The march towards the plant-based diet. I can imagine how good one feels after drinking that smoothie on a porch in the Adirondacks. Where do you stay when you visit? It’s only a four hour drive from Kingston – the mid-way point between Kingston and NYC. Perhaps one day we’ll collide there…. xox

    • Thank you, Lindy. You’re always so kind. I’ve been mostly plant based for about a year though not 100%. It does feel good and it was a pretty natural transition. The Adirondacks are about that far from me too. I like to stay near lake placid or Keene or saranac lake on airbnb cabins. It’s just such a reset for me. It would be lovely bumping into you 😉

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