1. It sounds idyllic – you can’t beat sitting by a log fire and the cabin with night sky looks so beautiful. I will be trying the black bean mole – I’ve got all the ingredients in the cupboard, except the spinach 🙂

    • It really was a great time out, MD. The chili is a constant in my kitchen these days. It’s easy yet filling and really good. Going to read your latest adventure!

  2. I love the description of your time in the Shenandoah Valley! It sounds so beautiful and restorative. And that chili looks like something I could make on a busy weeknight–I am definitely going to keep that in mind, as we are still having cold evenings here, and a warm bowl of chili sounds really good right now. Glad you got a chance to get back in touch with your most natural self–nature is such a great healer to me as well. Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Nature really is necessary. It was a much needed time out. The chilli is in constant rotation in my kitchen in its simplest form and most dressed up too. So simple. Have a wonderful weekend too, Jenny! Xo

  3. Beautiful pictures, Amanda! What a wonderful getaway in a beautiful place. I really need to get away too, but when is a question without an answer these days. The black bean mole sounds delicious; and it is something you can make lots of, and the leftovers reheat easily (that’s me thinking of my lunchboxes at the office; I am always searching for inspiration for quick and easy meals that would work for a next day lunch and don’t take hours to make). It is filling and full of flavor; even soy sauce and just pepper sounds good to me, though not as “chili-ey” as the cocoa powder and spice version! Well done!

    • Thanks, Darya. You nailed exactly what I love about this. I do being it to work, I also freeze it. It’s so easy. I totally get needing to get away. The office work will do that to you. I hope you’re feeling good. I’ve been meaning to check in on you and see how everything is going. I like your line about when is a question without an answer. true. Xo

      • Funny, I rarely think of freezing leftovers… would be a good way of stocking up on lunchbox meals ahead of time, and not have to worry during the week. Oh well… I am not sure I’ll manage to change that inexistant habit before the end of this contract (counting the days).

  4. I so agree with you how going out for some rest and breaking our routines make us realise just how caught up in everyday routines we get. We get so hung up and stressed out over things that most of the time probably aren’t even worth it! I have never made a mole believe it or not. Perhaps I should follow your gorgeous recipe and give it a try. xx

    • I’m glad you can relate. This isn’t really a true chilli it a true mole because its so scaled down. A real mole usually has tonnnnns of spices and chili peppers. This is perfect for a weeknight. Be well!

  5. this is in all ways so perfect – what a lovely treasure of a break you had! and that last pic of the cabin and night sky: swoon.

    i’m always looking for a little getaway, can you email the info of the cabin you stayed at? (unless it was a private home etc, in which case, i understand)

    • Oh yes. Thank you! I need another break because I just ran Ragnar cape cod. I’ll email you the info. It was an airbnb not too far for you guys to enjoy. Xo

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