1. Many happy returns, Amanda and have a wonderful crumble-y day. Love that it is vegan, I have a vegan friend and am a little skint on quick vegan pudding recipes and this crumble looks delicious. Now I need to look upon bourgon.

    N xxx

  2. Thank you Nicole! Yes, I used to think the vegan everything was limiting, but I’ve found that there are some really great recipes out there. This dessert is seriously one of my all time faves so far. I hope you’re all doing very well! And that you’re enjoying the summer!

    • Jessica! You’re s genius. Thanks for stopping by. Your podcasts and honesty have been such an inspiration. Keep doing what you’re doing. Xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday!
    That’s a very sophisticated crumble and made all the more attractive without refined sugar.I will have to check out 32 Yolks, especially after reading Anthony Bourdain’s comment. His own cooking memoirs come with a certain amount of horror.
    Good luck with the marathon 🙂

    • Thank you so much. This crumble is truly the best I’ve had. You’d like the memoir. His upbringing was kind of sad. Bourdaine’s memoirs were horrific and yet funny. Ripert’s is well-written. I’m not sure about the marathon. I’m definitely in the best shape I’ve been in but 13 miles is a lot. I’ll definitely report back if I do it. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thanks, Jovina. This was partly inspired by your recipe from last summer of the fruit pie. That was so phenomenal I’ve had it in my mind ever since. This one is a crumbly gluten free version.

  4. yes to this crumble, i am such a fan of crumble because it has ALL + EXTRA of a pie but minus the stress of dealing with the crust. dw makes a delightful blueberry crumble and adds in orange + lemon zest + ginger to the crumble a bit of something something.

    a few years ago we saw Eric Ripert & Tony Bourdain do a show in Louisville, both are very engaging speakers… and Ripert has beautiful piercing blue eyes, i could barely talk when we met them after the show and his accent is dreamy.

    confession: i hated the gold finch, i made my coworker tell me what happened cus i put the book down when the museum blew up. can we still be friends?

    • Wow, Lan. I love that crumble you described. And that’s totally why a crumble beats a pie. Lemon zest would be huge here. Oh wow that you met Ripert! I’ve always had a not so secret crush on him too. And yes, that accent is alluring. I work in the same building as his restaurant and yet have never gone because I refuse to go on a business lunch there. When Darya comes back from upstate NY before she goes back to France we’re going to go. As for the Goldfinch, I thought that was a horrible and unexpected ploy and was mad at the author for doing it. But because I was on my trip South and it was the only book I had, I kept going and it just got sadder and sadder. But the author is clearly talented. It was a relentless read, but i think the experience itself teaches a lesson, not one that necessarily needs to be taught, but it was part of the experience. Totes can still be friends because i feel you on that. Thanks for the thoughtful comment! xo

  5. I’ve had the longest day at the restaurant (new recipes… including my kimchi, and the cherry duck breast is back on the menu!), but here I am, to wish you a very happy birthday! I hope you had a lovely day, and felt special! This is lovely, blueberries and peaches really are perfect together, and I bet that crumble recipe is just perfect for it. So intrigued by applesauce in a crumble topping. I’d love to do crumbles at the restaurant, but am not sure Rob will let me. I’ll try to convince him!

    • I’m so impressed that they put your good stuff on the menu and I hope your long day was fruitful. Thanks so much for taking the time out to send a bday wish! The applesauce was a lovely addition. I think you should make crumbles at the restaurant. They’d be perfectly rustic, and so in season.

  6. I agree, I agree, I agree! I love me a good crumble, Amanda, and it is one of my favorite summer foods. Lucky you to have a birthday in crumble season. Mine is in January and there aren’t many fresh fruit or berries around. I bet this one is fantastic, its peaches and blueberries being so good together. It would make a far better dessert to celebrate a birthday than some cake. I certainly hope that was the case for you and your birthday, Amanda. Many more!

  7. Beautiful post, Amanda! I appreciate your thoughts on adapting your story and that we keep adapting and changing and growing. I find that very exciting. I just bought The Secret History at our bookstore on a friend’s very high recommendation and she said she liked it more than The Goldfinch. After your comment I’m motivated to read both now! And I agree, I need to read regularly or I become a bit wonky.

    Most importantly, a very happy belated birthday to you! It sounds like you celebrated well. I’m taking a GF/ dairy free dessert to a dinner tomorrow and just changed my plan and will make this lovely cobbler. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Hannah for such a gracious and thoughtful compliment. I’m glad you agree about adapting your story. It’s not a lesson that comes to everyone. I’ll have to read the secret history now! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! This cobbler is a perfect dish to bring!! Have a wonderful weekend! Xo

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