1. I love fava beans and the growing season is far too short in the UK for my liking. The local farm stalls at the Boqueria start selling them as early February, along with artichokes, asparagus and tomatoes! I’m very fond of cod roe too, so no doubt I’d really enjoy the shad roe. The addition of black bean pasta serves to make the dish even more intriguing – why don’t I have a next door neighbour like you?

    • Oh yes, all of spring’s bounty…February! I’ve never had cod roe, but it looks similar to shad roe. I thought you would really like this meal. This is my first time trying alternatives to regular pasta and it was delicious. If you were my neighbor I’d have you over for dinner anytime 🙂

      • Ow, thanks Amanda! I’m sure you’ll love cod roe – it’s extremely good battered and deep fried, but more healthy smoked and spread on toast.

  2. Yes it does and your description of spring is beautifully written.
    Your recipe is very European with lots of interesting ingredients. This is truly a northern area recipe, though, especially NY where you can get every possible type of food.. We have shad (herring) but in the winter. I have not seen the roe for sale – mullet roe, yes.
    I have not seen black bean pasta but I imagine any gluten free pasta could work here. I wish I could get fresh fave beans but no such luck. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and how you made this recipe.

    • Thanks, Jovina. It does seem like a European recipe, which is what I love about it. Dishes like this bring me so much joy. You’re right it is very norther eastern too. Regional and seasonal. I’ve been eating herring a lot this week, but to have the roe too is a treat. The south has completely different seasons. I haven’t been into the gluten free scene because I’ve been a believer in moderation, but lately I’ve started to examine different flour uses and what they add to cooking. Have you cooked with gluten free pasta? As a specialist on Italian food, what are your thoughts? Thanks for your kind comment.

      • I have cooked gluten free pastas when I have a friend for dinner who has celiac disease.Corn holds up the best, but many of the others fall apart easily and are more like rice noodles.. I do occasionally make farro pasta which is not gluten free but good in rustic dishes.

  3. This dish looks very inviting and spring-like! I have never eaten shad roe, but I think I would like this recipe. It is cold and rainy today, so I too am really looking forward to the warmer part of spring! How fun to have a spring camping trip–you really get to experience the freshness of the season!

    • Thank you, Jenny. We too are having a colder spring week, but the warmer days get me excited and you feel like the world and good days are at your door. My favorite part of spring is the anticipation. I do love the spring camping! It’s coming up soon! I think you’d like shad roe too! Be well! xo

  4. A lovely spring dish, Amanda and I can see the Hudson River in front of my eyes, it’s a wonderful neck of the woods there. Camping there sounds amazing, although I like a nice cabin with shower and a fire place. Black bean pasta, new to me but of course, I have to get some when I come across it.
    Take care, N xx

    • Thanks, Nicole. As I get older I think I like the shower and heat as well. Camping one day, showers and heat the next. That’s the ideal weekend trip. The Hudson is beautiful along with all of upstate New York. I’m experimenting with alternate flours and this black bean pasta was a find. I hope you’re doing well and resting a lot!! xo

  5. Wow, that pasta looks so dramatic! I’ve tried lentil pasta and chickpea pasta, and the taste was nice, but the texture was awful; they turned into a disastrous mush. Your pasta looks so much better! I must admit I am not usually a big fan of fish roe (too fishy, too salty), but I would gladly change my mind, especially when I see it served with beautiful spring veggies and a kick from the horseradish. Or I could use something I know I can manage, smoked trout or some other fish. Camping by the Hudson river sounds delightful, I wish I could be there with you guys (my friend upstate NY promised to take me to Maine for a few days to eat and hike… I simply CAN.NOT.WAIT for this trip to happen!)

    • OOOOMG you will love Maine. It’s one of the most beautiful states. We went there on vacation last summer. Maybe we could do a weekend in NY. I can’t wait for you to come either. I’m glad to hear you’ve tried all these other pastas. The black bean held together amazingly well. I really liked it. It’s part of my exploration. I know you told me moderation and thought you’d worry that I replaced traditional pasta here, but there is something to be said for whole grains in place of semolina/AP flour at times. This would be great with smoked trout. I really like smoked fish. You are going to love your trip and you’re getting here at just the right time!

      • I am all for trying out new grains, legumes, and seeds; not just for health, but also simply out of curiosity. My favorite replacement for Italian pasta is Kamut pasta, love the flavor and the texture! I also go for rice, buckwheat, sweet potato, and mung beans when cooking Asian. I would love to try that black bean pasta some day! Wonder whether one could get it in France…
        I’d love to spend time with you outside the city! We’ll discuss it all when the time comes. Just when I think this trip can’t get any better, it just does!

  6. Spring on a plate, Amanda, that´s all I can say. April´s bounty couldn´t be cooked up in a better way! Great to hear you and your brother spend time together on a regular basis. Mine lives in Germany and I don´t manage to see or hear him often… Have a lovely weekend! All the best as always, Sabine

  7. I eat roe when I go to visit my parents in the south of Spain – To be honest I don’t know from which fish it’s from! And also to be honest I don’t know why I forget about it when I’m back in Bcn. I’m going to look for it in the market! You’re right, they are ugly lol, but delicious. I loved your description of spring. When I was in NY it was the end of summer and the weather was still good. I would just love to be there in spring and experience all the seasonal awakenings. Enjoy your time with your brother! xx

    • Oh I’m glad that you like roe. I’m glad you had great weather in NY. This is a very special time of year. Thanks for the well wishes with my brother. Looking forward to it! Enjoy!

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