1. Ok now you have my attention. One of my favorites – Wonton soup. You made it ever so special with seasonal ingredients. It always amazing to me how different cultures have similar foods.Tortellini are not far removed from the wonton, etc. This looks delicious and I am sure we will really like your recipe. Great photos also.

    • Thanks, Jovina. I agree with you about tortellini! I recently read a book about the history of the noodle and whether it was Italian or Chinese. She didn’t really find the answer but learned so much about the cultures. I do love wonton soup and these were delicious!

  2. Amanda, you have such a lovely way of writing and it only makes me even more excited about the season! I’m so glad you liked my Spring Vegetable Wonton Soup enough to adapt it for your blog! I’m seriously loving the peppery addition of arugula (love that stuff) and your photos are just beautiful.

    • Thank you so much, Kathleen! Your recipe was such an inspiration. Without your video I never would have ventured to make these. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and have made lots of delicious meals and sides from you. This soup was soooo good. We’ve been eating as a meal, as an appetizer, etc. I love it! Keep up the good work. You’re amazing!

  3. They look absolutely delicious – I’m still relatively full from lunch, but I could eat a bowl of your wonton soup now! Spring has definitely sprung here, it’s sunny and quite pleasant outside 🙂

    • Thanks, Lan! I totally agree. The steam warms you up and the spring veg reminds you of what’s coming. The wontons are killer. I’m just loving this one for some reason. xo

  4. This soup looks lovely! I love the sight of peas and asparagus in your recipe and photos. I feel the same way about this time of year–there is definitely a feeling of excitement in the air–long-dormant feelings waking back up. 🙂 Happy spring to you, Amanda! 🙂

    • Thank you, Jenny! Yes it’s like a little movement, cautious because it’s still cold, but it’s there. It’s amazing how you get used to being creative with what’s around and then, boom, spring! I kind of love it. The soup keeps me warm until it’s full on spring though. Happy spring to you!

    • That’s awesome that you’re feeling it too! Thanks for the gif cred! No one else has said anything and that took all of my learning power (the camera, the editing, the learning how to put it on repeat)! Now that I did it once, I’ll keep refining it. This post was so much fun to make. xoxo

  5. This is definitely an ideal way of dealing with the transitional weather that is typical around where I live–some days it hits over 70, and some days we’re lucky to break 50. Filing this away for one of the latter days to make soon!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. You’re so right. You’ve got the spring vegetables and a steaming hot soup. This transition season is tough sometimes. Today I walked to work and was sweating in my coat, but last night I was FREEZing in the very same coat!

    • Thanks, Debbie! I definitely over stuffed the first few and then it just became natural. Now I want to learn all the other rolling methods. The more you learn, the more you want to learn, and then you want things easy…humans!

  6. I giggled at the image of you waving fennel in your husband’s face! Love your enthusiasm and this marvelous soup reflects it. The fresh green veggies in your photos just pop and are such a happy sign of spring.

    • I really did take that fennel into the other room and made him smell it and look at it! Spring is coming….I hope you’ve got some good stuff in store for spring.

  7. Wonderful spring recipe! So simple and yet sophisticated and full of flavors. I love the sound of the filling, and the idea of you running around being overwhelmed by the miracle of the existence of fennel. I just returned from a few days in cold and rainy Paris where I had an amazing time with amazing people, and found an amazing (yes everything is amazing around here these days) shop where I found all sorts of rare seasonal produce. Hopefully I’ll be able to partake in your springtime revival on this side of the ocean with a few new recipes.

    • Thanks, Darya! I think this would be right up your alley because of its simplicity, yet it has so much flavor. Your cold rainy Paris days sound like they were made wonderful by good people and spring produce. Sometimes that’s really all you need. I love the tone of your voice lately, so full of excitement. Enjoy your spring bounty!

  8. Gorgeous! Wonton soup, I love it and I have never made it myself because my mum makes it fantastically, lol. I am usually ready for spring because I hate winter, but this year I’m just continously sick and can’t seem to enjoy the fact that spring is coming 🙁 I love fennel and the smell of it so I can understand your excitement too.
    Oh and I love your gif! It’s so great because the cycle is like make a wonton, then another, and another and another until you have about 100! xx

    • Sofia, I’ve been sick for a month! I had a brief reprieve the week I commented on your sneakers and then got sick again and just started feeling better this week. It’s out of character for me. I felt the same way until Monday when I finally got back to the gym and the store. I’m starting to come back to myself. Thanks re gif! It was fun to make. I think I’ll do more now that I figured it out. If my mom made wontons I never would either! And fennel is great. Thanks for stoppng by. Xo

  9. thebrickkitchen

    So gorgeous Amanda! I love the little video of your wonton folding, and your description of spring is so vibrant and full of life. We are heading into winter here so beetroot, pears and greens are becoming more available – don’t feel ready for the cold weather to hit!

    • Thanks so much! Ahh I hear you about winter. Today is near freezing and I could use some of this soup now. Pears are a good consolation for winter. Be well!

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