• Thank you, Karen. We usually have a version of this every Monday. It’s quick to put together and can cook while I’m in doing a million other things at once 🙂 Hope all is well. xo

  1. Happy New Year, Amanda! I wish you all the best for the new year, and hope it will be a wonderful one – and perhaps one in which we will actually get to meet (and maybe your side of the Pond… I’ll let you know all about it in due time). I absolutely agree with you about every day being a good time to question oneself and, as you say, start anew. But I must say, so-called New Year’s resolutions are a bit different. I don’t usually make any, but this year, I decided to actually DO some of the things I’ve been putting off with (usually) poor excuses: I’ve still got time, I should give it more thought, I should do this but I’m lazy, not ready, not motivated, overwhelmed, tired, etc. I just needed a symbolic date to actually ACT, and not just talk and think about it.
    Miso and tahini sound like an incredible combo; I’ve tried miso and peanut butter, miso and almond butter, miso and cashew butter, but never miso and sesame butter; how is that possible? I adore all kinds of misos (do you only use white miso in the US?), and I bet I would love this dressing on all sorts of things. Your salad sounds quite delicious with all the fruit, and soft goat cheese!

    • Thank you, Darya! Happy New Year to you too! Is it odd that I’ve missed you?! I owe you an email. I got so jealous that Sofia had lunch with you! 🙂 I do agree with you that New Years really is a time marker. It did the same for me…it’s kind of a wake up call that these things you want have to happen and not just float around in your head. It’s much easier said than done. If you’re really soul searching than your resolutions should scare you. I’m excited to see where this year brings you and I know you’re on the cusp of so many great things. I have white miso and red miso in my fridge. White miso is a little milder. I’ve actually never had it with nut butters…so funny. I’m excited to start putting it in everything. This salad was so great because it took me years to figure out that massaging the kale makes it so much more palatable. hope all is well and I”m looking forward to catching up and possibly meeting you this year! All the best to you!

  2. i love the combination of miso + tahini, and the fact that the sturdy kale pairs so well with it. sometimes i’ll purposefully make the dressing thicker, and add in some herbs, and it makes a great sandwich spread or dip.

    i’m so impressed you braved being out on new year’s! on tv it looked like such madness!

    • Thank you, Lan! The miso/tahini combo is certainly a winner. What a great idea about using it on sandwiches. I’ve been meaning to make a great sandwich on here for a while. I’ve got some awesome relishes and sauces like this, but I don’t eat sandwiches often. I’ll have to find good uses for them. As for New Years Eve, I got there early and was in a building so it wasn’t too bad at all. While I love the energy of the city, I’m more of a homebody and really like just being at home watching on tv 🙂 Always great to hear from you. Be well!

  3. Happy New Year Amanda – I went to an amazing Chinese themed party at the Chelsea Arts Club with green tea cocktails, lions, dragons, pandas in dinner suits, mad geishas with tap shoes, fresh fried noodles, fireworks and absinth. Sadly they don’t allow cameras!
    I was never keen on salad either, until Ottolenghi came along and surprised me – I’m sure your salad is every bit as good as one of his 😉

    • Thank you, MD! That sounds like a really fun party. So cool. I agree with you about Ottolenghi salads. He has a spinach salad in Jerusalem that’s so good. I also like using arugula for the salad, but the miso/tahini dressing is perfect for this. All the best to you this year, MD.

  4. So glad you had time off and get in some relaxation time. Looks like a great recipe and fits with getting back to good eating after all the holiday treats. I like the addition of the fruit to the salad.

    • Thanks so much, Jovina. It was much needed time off. And yes, it feels glad to share something healthy that I eat all the time as a way to kick off the year. I think citrus to a winter salad is an act of hope 🙂 Happy New Year!

  5. So healthful and beautiful, I just bought a head of kale with the intention of making a raw kale salad. Love the dressing you made and the combination of fruits, vegetables, cheese and seeds in the salad.

  6. Happy New Year to you too Amanda!
    Watching the ball drop live is still on my to-do list so bravo lady love and great use of miso here, haha!!
    Love the picture quality, the difference is incredible!
    <3 <3 <3

    • Thank you, Dana! Happy New year to you. The ball drop was cool. And this miso dressing…tres fab. I just ate your miso soup recipe..used red instead of the white I used here…Soooo good. A life saver on a cold, late night. Thank you!! May you have a wonderful year this 2016. Xo

  7. I want to try your recipe for the miso/tahini dressing! I love miso, but don’t always know how to use it. This dressing sounds really versatile. Also, I will have to try massaging my kale next time–thanks for the tip! 🙂 Happy New Year, Amanda!

    • Haha! Thanks, Shanna. I’ve used both…it really depends on how much time you have on your hands. I’ve seen some of your salads on instagram and your other amazing creations so right back at you! I hope you’re well! xoxo All the best to you.

  8. Happy New Year to you too, Amanda! When it comes to kale, I’m a late bloomer. I love everything about your salad – especially the addition of the clementines and the goat cheese. Simply lovely and delicious!

    • Thanks, Francesca. I’m the same way with kale. I remember when kale used to line the shelves as decoration in the fruit and vegetable aisles of the grocery store growing up. People didn’t eat it. Only in the past few years did I realize it was edible and actually really good! xo

  9. Every time Steve bitches at me for having L&O reruns droning on in the background, I think about this article: slate.me/1ORHxlq. Your dressing sounds great. Hope the new year is going well.

    • LMAO! That is so funny! I had no idea that I’m that woman. I only watch SVU really and only reruns and have no interest in who is playing the characters…that’s so bizarre. He doesn’t really figure out what the phenomenon is there. Law & Order sucks me in every single time without fail. Other than that I don’t watch much tv at all. Thanks so much for that article. All the best to you too 🙂

  10. I do love kale! You are so right…massaging makes it superb in a salad. And who can resist miso and tahini? I’ll definitely be making this one. Thank you for sharing. Your photos are just lovely…wonderful lighting and mood. And as always, your writing inspires me. It’s good to step away from routine, and then good to get back to it. We do have the opportunity to see our mistakes over again and choose new ways to approach them and grow in the process. I hope 2016 is off to a good beginning for you!

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