1. Nothing I like better for an appetizer or a great lunch than the Mediterranean recipes for hummus and baba ghanoush. They are such delicious foods….and of course, those olives. I usually char the eggplants on the grill but the oven method is great idea. I will definitely make your recipe next time and look forward to the homemade pita post.

    • Thank you, Jovina! It’s always so great to hear from you. If I had a grill that’s how I would have charred the eggplant, but in my little NYC kitchen I had to use the broiler, which of course set off the fire alarm as usual. This recipe really is delicious. The lemon juice adds so much. Mezze are such a temptation, especially when the weather is lovely. You really feel like you’re eating straight from the earth. I hope you’re doing well. xo

        • I ended up having to watch on tv. I was too sleepy to get into queens. I missed it for the first time in many many years, but I’ve also been traveling in beautiful ways for the first time in years so it’s a trade off. I was teary-eyed watching the Williams sisters play each other. Lots of good tennis.

  2. we have some eggplant leftover from last week’s csa stash and i’ve had it in my head to baba ghanoush them but seriously. the SUMMER. it’s almost over and i feel like i’m being pulled in so many different ways. your methods seems very calming.

    • Thanks, Lan. You totally should babs ghanoush them 🙂 I’m with you on the summer thing. As for my methods, they’re calming while doing them, but until i get there, it’s rush rush rush and pandemonium! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Debbie

    I do love those Middle Eastern dips myself. I’m looking forward to you bringing me my very own challah though, when you come to visit. I had a taste of your challah last year and you promised to make me a whole one! I still remember how it tasted!

    • They’re delicious. I can bring you a challah. I was thinking of adding pomegranates instead of raisins. I’ll have to make it tonight though because I”ll be away the weekend. It’ll be a day old, but fabulous.

    • Thank you so much! I almost missed the post today. I’m under the weather and under stress and because of that I took time out to make sure I didn’t leave everyone hanging this week. I’d be fine with this for dinner too. I’m married to a carnivore who would find this quite unacceptable 🙂 I hope you’re well Seana. xo.

  4. Amanda, home-made tahini sounds incredible! I’ll have to try that some day. I adore baba ghannouj and mutabbal, and make both often. As I told you in my last email, I used a similar recipe as a basis for a puff pastry eggplant tart, but I am thinking I should also give it a go as a pizza sauce some day. I love that you added dill to this (I loooove dill); so simple, so vibrant, so perfect for the late summer/early fall. I’ll be in touch soon, but I am fighting a cold, and really need to rest.

    • Aww, feel better. I too have a cold from all the running around. I thought this recipe would be perfect for you. It’s traditionally served with parsley, but that is one herb I just can’t make peace with. Dill felt like the perfect choice. That tart you described was incredible. And I looove the idea for this as a pizza topping.

  5. Funny – I just made a similar dip with white beans, roasted eggplant, and garlic, but didn’t think to add tahini! And I’ve never made it from scratch! Thanks! Beautiful photos!

    • Wow, mimi. That sounds amazing. I need to use white beans more. I made the tahini because I always buy these big jars and never use it. Ive always admired your attention to sauces, dips and sides. Thanks again.

  6. LOVE THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF MAINE AND BEAUTIFUL YOU! And of course – the sweet little eggplants and the fabulous baba ghanoush. I also never thought to make my own tahini – no idea why really – I just keep it on hand in a jar. My life is also a crazy ride at the moment. Looking forward to a more centered existence if such a thing is possible… xo

    • I hear you lindy. So great to see you. I saw you have a new post and I can’t wait to read it. Best to you always. Thanks for the beautiful compliments. Xo

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