1. This pie sounds so delicious and summery! I enjoyed reading your memories of childhood summers. I have similar summer memories, and I hope I can give my kids that kind of summer too–it seems a little harder now with life more fast-paced. Your post reminded me to slow down. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying the bounty of summer fruits and vegetables, and your pie has inspired me to make a rhubarb pie soon–I have some waiting in the refrigerator. I have never tried rosemary or lavender in a pie filling–sounds intriguing!

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Jenny. I love that you have similar summer memories. It’s nice that you can pass them on even on this day and age. Time always gels line is speeding and we need to take the tone to slow it down or at least ourselves. Hard to do. The rosemary worked well although it’s not typical. That rhubarb pie sounds good to me! Enjoy. Xo

  2. Dear Amanda, I am honored and humbled by your gracious comments. Your pie looks like a masterpiece and I am sure you felt great satisfaction is being so creative in your kitchen. I can almost smell those delicious flavors here. I am looking forward to the Mexican recipes you are planning to share. Enjoy this wonderful season.

    • Thanks, Jovina! Your pies are delicious. I really do appreciate all of your comments and support. Especially when I was in mexico on and off. Traveling can be isolating and exhilarating. It nice to know that you’re reading 😉

  3. Your third paragraph, describing summer, is everything! That is my summer too.
    Great use of fruits in this delicious pie Amanda, thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Some lovely memories, stunning photos and a fabulous recipe – we have a Farmer’s Market in town tomororw so will have to see what they have on offer…you’ve inspired me!

  5. My god Amanda, already the first paragraphs makes me drool and if it weren’t so late here, I’d print out the lot and rethink the whole weekends food. Jalapeno lemonade? Just got a huge bag full, thanks Amanda, my husband will freak. Oh, and the pie, looks gorgeous, as always. N xx

  6. It’s been too long since I visited and I can see I’ve been missing out! I especially love how you pressed the dough into the pie plate rather than roll it out AND you used a strudel topping. It’s wonderful Amanda. I have been making pie after pie in the last 4 or 5 weeks trying to perfect my crust. I think I’m finally getting there, but it hasn’t come easy. I’m going to try your method of pressing the dough in. And I adore peaches and strawberries together. Perfect summer pie you have here!

    • Thank you, Seana. I hear you about the crust. Pressing is an easier method for me. This crust felt layered and light to me, but I also like the pate sucre I refer to also. I think with a filing as fresh and good as this the crust is me of a complement. It’s always nice to see you here. I hope you’re having a good summer. I’m looking fwd to the US open.

  7. You’ve introduced me to an easy pastry and a yummy way of using Summer fruit. It’s dull and cold here in Melbourne but I might just try a winter version of your pie…apples and pears with a streusel topping. An inspiring post Amanda and gorgeous pics as usual x
    P.S. Have a cousin in New York and he tells me he’s going to the US open as well… now I know why hotel prices are through the roof! Maybe I need to pick another time to be in the Big Apple!?

    • Oh wow your version will be lovely. I doubt Melbourne winter is as dreary as the long cold ny one but I can imagine it’s not a party either. Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment. Hotel prices are always high. Maybe mid sept early October would be cheaper. It’ll be a great trip.

  8. Lovely, Amanda. I love summer pies with tons of gorgeous fruit. And you sound like me, returning from the market with tons of food I might not really need but certainly really want – and don’t want to miss while the summer lasts. We just had our first peaches and apricots (it’s still way to early for plums over here), and I had quite forgotten how delicious those fruits are! I love the idea of crumbling the rest of the pie dough on top instead of rolling it out.

    • Thanks, Darya. You nailed it. I really come home with such excess but it’s precious. The peaches are so good. I do want to try rolling the dough over the top, but I love crumbles. I seriously ate half the pie in the first sitting. I made my stomach hurt! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. That’s a very decadent pie with peach, strawberry, vanilla, lemon, rosemary and lavender – I bet it didn’t last long! Thanks for the reminder of the courgette flowers and jalapeño lemonade too. I still haven’t made the lemonade, so I’ll have to bookmark it for ‘ron 😉

    • You’re right, MD. It didn’t last 24 hours! Though decadent, nothing overwhelmed it. The fruit speaks for itself. I’m totally doing it again tonight. Sometimes I do need a reminder about what works be perfect for the season, like the lemonade. I had completely forgotten since my focus had been more alcohol leaning lately. This weekend will be summer classics weekend. Enjoy, MD. And thanks as always for your kind comments.

  10. one of the things that I love about summer is that new memories are made each year. so while I do have those hazy, dreamy memories of summer from my childhood, I also re-experience the magic each year. especially when I go to the market! like you, I’ll go to get one thing (last time it was chocolate!) and end up with blueberries, peaches and fresh basil everywhere. not that I’m complaining- this season is my favorite and I’m dreading the day we go back to apples and pears.
    anyways! your pie looks delicious. love love baked peaches in anything and peaches + rosemary are particularly good together. I saute peaches, maple syrup and rosemary together and toss them, with a little cinnamon granola over my greek yogurt in the morning. this must have tasted so good!!

    ps: I guess commenting didn’t work from my phone, but it works from a laptop! so no issues there 😉 xoxo

    • Wow that sounds amazing for a yogurt topping. I know what toy mean about lamenting that there’s so much stuff but how apples and pears portend the long winter. I actually need to make a pesto today because of the basil abundance! I do agree that every summer has beautiful new memories, but I think summer as a child let out of school and running around outside was magical. Did you ever see the movie the sand lot? …Glad you were able to comment. Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy pie making!

  11. This sounds wonderful, peaches and strawberries, 2 of my favorite summer fruit, combined in one pie with such delicious flavors! I love how you let your ingredients, as your readers, take a sneak out of your window!

    • Thank you, Sabine. I may need to make another pie again soon. Tons of cherries! I like showing what it looks like out my window looking onto the street 😉 have a great weekend!

    • Thank you, Mimi! Glad to be back. It’s really been an adjustment. I’ve really only traveled for work once before and this has just been a real eye-opener. It’s the funny little things like the direction the faucets turn here vs. in Mexico that remind me I was away. Nothing like an American type pie to remind me that I’m home. XO

    • Thanks, Felicia. I totally agree with you. It’s funny when I went looking for rhubarb all I found was cherries, then peaches and strawberries. You can put anything into this pie and the recipe remains the same. Thanks so much for your comment…and the favorite on twitter 🙂 xo

  12. Matt

    It is posts like this that make me miss summer!! As jalapeno lemonade with basil and mint… hell yes!! I’m totally making that as soon as this place warms up a little!

  13. I especially like the lavender and rosemary in this pie. And pressed crusts are just the best. Am I right in thinking I remember the photograph with the lavender? The one on the tray? Because I remember studying your photographs very carefully and loving them. They would make a wonderful book sometime.

    • You’re too kind Lindy ! You are right! I used the photo about a year ago in my olive oil lavender cake. I actually didn’t have a photo to display either of the herbs because I made the pie at midnight and brought it to a friend’s house so I needed a bit of a boost and I had this in my archive. I love that you remember that. I still need to spend some time over at your beautiful new page. We may be swinging up towards Maine soon. I’ll let you know if we veer into nh. I also have a recipe I think you’d love coming up soon. So great to see you again. Is it weird that I’ve missed you? I feel like summer isn’t complete without your dishes.

  14. It happens to me all the time. I go to the market for a specific thing, and come back with bag full of bounty. I love your blog. Am a first timer here, but am hooked.

    • It’s the best way I know to not waste all of the wonderful fruits I keep buying. Lol the truth behind the half eaten pie was because I actually ate it before I had a chance to photograph it. I brought it as a dessert to a friend’s apartment. So funny. Thanks so much for commenting.

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