1. I love making pasta!I mostly use parsley, but your variety of seasonal green dots in them really make them extra special. I recently got my mum´s old pasta machine, and I have to say: It´s fun! Much more fun than rolling by hand because it does all the hard work for you. I highly recommend it! Have a wonderful remaining week, Amanda!

    • Thanks, Sabine. I recently got a roller too and i really need to try it. This was a serious effort. But i do live the way the green does the pasta. Enjoy your week too! Xo

    • Thank you, Chica! I hope you’re doing well. This was my first time doing it and it was kind of fun. I can see the joys of a roller though. 😉 xo

  2. I love the idea of putting herbs in the pasta dough. Not only does it look pretty but adds great flavor to the pasta. I opt for the pasta machine. Pasta making is hard work without it.
    Beautiful finished dish.

    • Thanks, Jovina. It really does add flavor to add the greens directly to the dough. I hear you about a pasta machine. I think it would have made the process a lot easier. I had to go old school first. I now have an old school roller so I’ll figure out how to put it together and use it next time. This was a fun experiment.

    • Haha! Thanks, MD. It was certainly infused with good stuff. It makes it really pretty. Though I really do like plain pasta mixed with greens that haven’t been crushed too. Totally different experiment and taste. This was fun…and a lot of hard work. You really have to throw yourself into the rolling and even still these were thicker than I prefer. I hope you’re well!

  3. Wow, Amanda, you are brave. I would never find the courage roll out pasta on my own without a machine. It is so easy with it, and yields a much thinner dough. I love the idea of using fresh herbs in the dough, and just butter for seasoning once they are cooked. So simple, so elegant. And delicious, of course!

    • I actually laughed when you wrote (good luck!) on your last post about rolling out your own pasta because I knew I’d be experimenting with this. I actually have a machine now, but I haven’t quite figured out how to put it together. It’s the old kind where you crank it. After all of the elaborate fusions and Mexican I’ve been experimenting with, something in me craved a return to simple and fresh. Thanks for your comment as always. i look forward to hearing from you.

      • Amanda, I’ve also got an old crank machine; it is fun to use, easy, pretty, and IT WORKS so well! It’s the best kind. I’ve got more projects for it, after years or using it only once or twice a year… I want to try egg-less pasta dough, and more-yolks pasta dough, and different flours, and adding herbs like you did, and spices…..

  4. Now, there’s spring! Beautiful! I have a confession, though. I’ve pulled too much purslane—the bane of my summer existence—out of my gardens to ever want to eat it. Steve says I’m crazy. I think he sometimes eats it right out of the yard. (Which is probably the closest he ever comes to weeding.)

    • I am so jealous. What i wouldn’t give for you to overnight that to me. I really should have used your roller here, but I had to try the old way first. After doing it once in all about (old) technology 😉 Thanks, Michelle

    • Thank you, Anna. I too have a weakness for fresh pasta. The herbs throw it over the edge. It makes me think of dining al fresco with a glass of white wine. Sigh.

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