1. Happy anniversary, Amanda! These are beautiful little cookies, I would love them. And beautiful pictures, as always. Have a nice weekend!

    • Thank you, Darya! The cookies are very tasty. I still think I’m a better cook than a baker. Baking really is laborious for me, but cooking comes so naturally. I hope you’re being inspired by spring these days and that your job is going well! xo

  2. Happy Anniversary, Amanda! What a worthy reason to celebrate! I enjoyed your writing about ambivalence. I can really relate! These cookies look wonderful too.

    • Thanks so much, Jenny! I think thinkers are troubled by ambivalence. But I guess if used as a guiding force it has its uses, just like doubt.

  3. Stunning photos, poignant words.
    What the hell are you doing being a lawyer!
    Happy anniversary Amanda. We celebrate two dates, when we married and the secret one when we first met! x

  4. First, happy Anniversary! I love your photography style as well as your thoughts on Anniversary. It’s so true. And the cookies are wonderful. Have a great weekend, Amanda.

  5. I’m sitting here in the early morning with a cup of tea hanging on to your every word. Beautifully written Amanda and your photo’s really added to the mood of your writing. Lovely color and texture. And really, how appropriate to serve Mexican wedding cookie on your wedding anniversary! Hope your anniversary was a lovely celebration. I know your taste in cookies…I’m going to have to make these. today.

    • Thank you, seana. Your quiet morning sounds lovely. You’re right. You’d like these. I love how you describe the way you read the post. It’s how i intend it to be read. A little time out. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Congratulations – happy anniversary!
    I’m amused by the fact that polvorones are made of dust, whereas the expression hecho polvo means, to be exhausted, or perhaps, falling apart 😉

  7. Happiest of anniversaries, Amanda! I hope you have a year full of love, contentment, happiness and growth. And cookies! These look so good. I love Alanna’s blog, and the way you described these cookies sounds perfect! I love traditional Mexican wedding cookies, so I’ll be trying these next.

    • Thank you so much, Chaya. You are so sweet. You’re also so knowledgeable about all things baked goods so i knew you’d love these. Happy weekend to you and may only good things come your way. Xo

  8. Happy anniversary Amanda. “How are we to live?” is such an important question and one we spend too little time on since we are all so fully occupied with the dailyness of life – a dailyness which seems to grow increasingly complex. Oh and yes – ambivalence. I started a personal essay once with the Oxford definition of this word -” the co-existence of love and hate,” such a balancing act. Best to bake and make cookies. So straightforward. So sweet…

    • Thanks for your well-wishes, Lindy. What a thoughtful comment. I agree that it’s so easy to get lost in the day to day that it’s hard to contemplate how we are to live. There is something to be said for getting lost in the moment too, so you’re right. There is a delicate balance. I totally agree. Baking, cookies, all very helpful in the whole process of living 🙂 xo

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