• Thank you! I had the same problem. I just never did it or thought it was hard. This is fool proof. Enjoy, Cecelia and thanks for commenting.

  1. I almost can feel an amazing smell of garlic and rosemary! That beef looks absolutely delicious, Amanda! To be honest, I’ve never cooked this part of meet, but I know the best way to prepare it – slowcooking.. 😀
    Love your photos! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Always nice hearing from you my friend. This was my first time and it really is worth it! So good. Enjoy the week! Xo

    • So cool! You’re an excellent cook so im sure it came out well. Mil is a very sweet woman. And a great cook. I think it’s a spring thing!

  2. This is off the charts gorgeous Amanda. I think I’m going to have to go out and buy a slow cooker now. A few years ago when we remodeled our kitchen I used a slow cooker (almost daily) for a year! I got so tired of it I gave it away at the end of that year. I can imagine the aromatherapy of a brisket cooking for 6 to 10 hours is something to experience. I Love your post and your site looks fantastic. Love the lithograph utensils 😉 And it’s so nice to see your photographs from Mexico!

    • Thanks, Seana. You always leave the kindest comments. So funny that you gave it away! I’ve had mine for 2 years and this was my second time using it. So convenient and delicious. Thanks for the comment on my site. I designed the whole thing myself. It’s a work in progress. I hope you’re well. Have a great week! Xo

  3. Mark

    You just made me hungry reading your blog and we are both so very proud of you.
    (Gma says “if you slice it before you rewarm it wouldn`t it be easier”).

    Love Grandma
    (and ur fatha)

    • Thank you, Dad and Grandma! I can’t compete with grandma or mom for that matter. Golden standards, but i can certainly try. Thanks for the tip. That makes sense to slice it first. It was so good. The whole place smelled like grandma’s house. Xo see you soon.

  4. Loved the way you’ve written about food and it’s connection to tradition… a Chinese whispers passing on of recipes through generations.
    In a past life, I would occasionally prepare a slow cooker meal before I left for work. Coming home to the smell of a delicious braise made that hectic existence so much easier to bear… I could almost believe in the tooth fairy again!

    • What a beautifully written comment. I can’t believe you threw your slow cooker away. But yes, that smell is like being welcomed into your home by generations past. I should use the slow cooker more often honestly. Xo I love hearing from you.

  5. That brisket sounds amazing – I love the sound of the sauce! I might be trying this soon 😉
    I guess those giant skeletons from the Bond movie must be for a Dia de los Muertos scene – how spectacular.

  6. Sabi

    I get to smell the brisket from Buenos Aires and seeing Mexico pictures makes me feel as if I were there. Love the recipe. I feel tempted to buy a slow cooker. Sabi

    • Hola Sabi!!!! I used the hand blender you sent for the wrong to make the gravy! I feel like you working in df. I remember you were there a few years ago and i was so jealous. We need to see each other again soon. With all of my Mexico air miles i could come see you in b.a.! I miss you and hope you are well. Let’s skype soon. Xoxo

  7. Brisket and slow-cooker are a perfect combination, aren’t they? I love both although only I seem to cook meat less and less and yet I enjoy it so much when I do. Very late to the party but happy belated Passover / Easter… and mostly – spring. xo

    • Totally perfect, Lindy. So great to see you. I rarely cook meat, but this is an homage to generations. Happy spring to you too. I hopev yore doing well and i always get so happy to hear from you. Xo

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