1. Leaving pieces of your self with distant friends sounds very Frida Kahlo. Your mussels and clams are a perfect spring supper – we’ve had a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures here this week. I hope New York weather is improving too 😉

  2. How did that mole turn out? And clams are such beautiful things. I sadly haven’t been able to enjoy mussels since getting terrible food poisoning from them years ago. Just can’t do it. Maybe after another decade!

    • Oh no! I know the feeling. How awful. Bi actually got food poisoning from raspberries once and even though they’re my favorites in only slowly reintroducing them. I haven’t actually made the mole yet. When i get back to ny I’ll definitely do it. So yummy. Thanks as always for your comment. It’s so nice to see you here and even more so when I’m traveling. Xo

  3. Lan | morestomach

    lovely! i don’t cook seafood often at home, the smell lingers! but, mussels and clams are on my list of foods to attempt…soon.

    happy & safe travels!

    • Thanks, Lan. I was life you for a while but now i just accept the fact that my work outfits will smell like a fish market. Ha! Actually this dish isn’t too bad because the pot is covered. Thanks for dropping by as always. Xo

  4. Debbie

    My recipe is similar except I add chopped up chorizo at the end. Either way they are delish! Funny, I remember having a certain painting in our house similar to the one shown!

    • Lol. We ate under that painting for years. I’ve made your recipe before. It’s spicy and so good. Very good stuff. So nice to see you here. I don’t think i would be who i am in the kitchen if you weren’t who you are.

    • Thanks so much, Michelle. It’s so nice to see you following all my travels on instagam (my latest challenge) from upstate ny to Mexico City. It feels life taking a friend with me. Xo

  5. I love the story that goes with these mussels and clams; reminds me of the good old days and my mom’s clams’ recipe. This sounds so good with crusty bread that you mentioned as well as with pasta. And with white wine in the recipe? Absolutely delish! 😀

    • Thanks, Anna. So funny you’d say that. My own mom just commented that she thought the recipe seemed oddly familiar and that the photos were similar to the ones we had hanging growing up. I guess the fruit doesn’t fall far. Thanks so much for reading. Xo

  6. HI Amanda, mussels and clams are one of our favorite meals, reminding us of the time we were just the 2 of us and had the time to enjoy every meal to the fullest. This sounds great, though I´ve never had fennel with the clams (my husband isn´t a fan, regrettably), but I´m sure I would love that. “A splash for the pot, a splash for me”…well that sounds familiar, too!

  7. Amanda, send some my way quickly! I use fennel in my mussels, too and hardly ever make them differently. The flavours go so well together. Lots of bread to soak up the wine-heavy sauce, of course. N xo

      • Saffron! I never had saffron in the mussel broth but should be absolutely fabulous, thanks Amanda. Well enough and making lots of lemonade, a sunny day like today makes all the difference. Hope you are getting on with that ice-fishing 😉 and keeping warm. N xo

  8. This dish makes me homesick for Spain as I make this as a pre dinner tapas usually a couple of times a week when the fish man drives up in his little van and sells me a little bag of them fresh from the sea! Your clams are bigger than ours, they look amazing 🙂

    • So nice to see you here, Cynthia!! Thanks so much. I used to be scared of cooking anything alive, but if you’re careful about not eating the ones that don’t open, you’re usually good to go. Hope you’re doing well and not working too hard! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  9. Oh Amanda – so beautifully put. I’ve left pieces of myself in so many places and tears on so many pillows as I wake up dreaming of someone or somewhere I’ve left behind.
    love the references to frida and also adore the seafood in white wine sauce. The last time I had mussels I was on the west coast on Puget Sound.And now, by curious coincidence am off to cooking school this week to do a seafood course.

    • Aww so glad you can relate, Lindy. Is a beautiful kind of pain. I love seafood. I hope you have a wonderful cooking class! Teach us what you learn. Best, always. Xo

  10. Beautiful pictures Amanda and great recipe. I know exactly how you feel about the ocean and long warm and lazy days…I miss it too. Almost every year we go to Sicily, and we always stay at the sea,the food is wonderful and the water is divine. We love mussels and clams, and these here oh well…they make me wanna go back! xx

  11. I love Kahlo!!!! How fantastic that you were able to visit her home. Hard to imagine the life she lived–so tortured. But out of it came amazing beauty in her art. And a crazy strength for women everywhere. Love that you copied her mole recipe 🙂

    Again, you wax so poetically about your travels and the people waiting for you at home. Mussels are a restaurant order for me, so it’s interesting that they’re something different for you. Funny how we build our feelings for food around what we’ve grown up with. Always happy to read your posts, Amanda.

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