1. Ha ha, I try not to exercise too much restraint! I suspect this isn’t my kind of thing – I like my coffee hot, very strong and black, but as you made it It must be worth trying 😉

  2. I also usually take my coffee hot, strong, black, and unsweetened. In large quantities too. I can’t imagine life without coffee. I know it wouldn’t be as fun without cheese, eggs, chocolate, etc., but I could probably cope. But without coffee…???
    This smoothie does sound quite decadent though, I bet I would like it too, though I wouldn’t count it as coffee…:)

    • Amanda

      I totally agree. I drink it in addition to rather than instead of. I thought i clubs live without coffee but it would be a much less interesting existence. I suspected you might be a tea drinker. So funny 😉 my kind of girl.

  3. Wow. Look at this post! That picture second from the top – oh my!

    And… This is a smoothie I could get excited about. The recipe and pictures fired a few things in my memory. A few years ago, I fell in love drinking seriously good flat whites, which became iced flat whites with a little vanilla syrup when the weather warmed up. I take my iced coffee black and sugar free now, but it’s always nice to have a reminder of those early days – I hadn’t thought about that for ages!

    The last time I had cinnamon in my coffee was back in September when we visited Lisbon – they serve crazy good espressos, sometimes with a cinnamon stick to dip, and an insane amount of sugar. We drank a lot of coffee during that trip. That place and its food captured me in a way I hadn’t experienced before. We’re going back in a couple of weeks, which doesn’t feel real yet, since there’s so much everyday stuff to plough through before we leave, but your post succeeded in getting the excitement started, so thank you!

    Did you ever see my post for coffee, cinnamon and rum ice cream? It’s ridiculously easy and has every guest falling at your feet, if you manage to save any to give to them, that is…

    • Amanda

      OMG your post sounds amazing. I’m going to check it out now. I”ve been wanting to go to Lisbon forever. You, like me and everyone else seem to drink our coffee black, like chocolate. I find Spain and Portugal in general know how to do coffee. I love when they add cinnamon or heat. I love your vices. I always joke that i’m in danger of becoming a caffeine addicted alcoholic. There are days that I really subsist on caffeine and alcohol until I sit down for these huge dinners that I make. I’m so jealous of your trip! Thanks so much for your beautiful comment. I look forward to them. xox. Headed over to your space now.

      • I’ve not drunk much Spanish coffee in situ, but there’s a Spanish tapas place around here that I’ve been going to for a few years that do a couple of addictive coffees. One is a café bonbon – a double espresso with a shot of condensed milk floating on top – divine. There’s something about the two liquids staying separate which takes the whole thing from good to amazing. And then the other one is a thick hot chocolate, with a couple of espressos, a shot of brandy, and cinnamon and nutmeg. It’s like a magic potion of amazingness!

      • I actually take my coffee more dark brown than black, especially if you hand me a jug of cream! I would highly recommend Lisbon if you’re ever Europe-bound. There’s some seriously good eating to be found there, along with lots of other interesting stuff. But don’t forget to go to France while you’re at it. And Italy. Greece. Got time for Spain? Don’t forget somewhere Nordic. What about Georgia? Hell, you may as well throw Turkey into the mix, since you’re planning such an extensive trip. Oh wait… This is MY fantasy we’re talking about…

        • Amanda

          Ha! We kind of have the same fantasy. I’m trying to plan a trip to Europe very soon. I’ll make it to wherever I can. 🙂

  4. your smoothie sounds great. Plus: children, especially your own, shake you to the core. Life isn´t the same in so many ways once you´re a parent, or an aunt….congratulations!!

    • Amanda

      Thanks so much! You’re the first one to mention this! It’s really true. It’s so much to fathom. It makes it hard to think about doing it myself. Ohhh She just sent the name! I like it! And she looks just like my sister. So crazy.

    • Amanda

      Thanks so much, Jovina. It was actually a really good smoothie. There’s actually a juice cart outside my building at work in the summer that I start to crave in the spring. I always get beets, apple, ginger and kale. This juice guy is seriously the best. I miss him in the cold winter months.

  5. Congrats Auntie Amanda!!! Please send me a text with the details and a pic if you have one of the little one. The smoothie sounds amazing, although my head would probably explode from the caffeine since I rarely drink coffee. I can hear the gasps from all you coffee worshippers…. 😉 Beautifully written about the routine of it all though.

    • Amanda

      Thanks so much, Becky! So nice to see you here. I’ll blow up your phone in the a.m. The baby looks just like her. I still have your cafe patron taunting me on the counter. If only I could just return things! I’ll have to use it in a recipe. You’re not the only one I know who doesn’t drink coffee. Actually, the hubz doesn’t drink coffee, nor do two of my good frieinds. I’m alone in my coffee land in real life. Which is kind of what i love about it. Thanks so much for your comment! xo

  6. Aunt Amanda! Good health and best wishes to all!! And while I’m at it – hope Williams and Sonoma picks your smoothie.
    I’d take that smoothie for breakfast in the Mexican sun with a shot or two of Kahlua in place of the sugar. Alas – it’s not going to happen this year and I’ve wasted far too much time on the Internet trying in futile to put together hotel availability with flight availability. Must book sooner next year.
    I’m thinking about vices. I just looked up the definition. Wicked or immoral behaviour. Not sure my love of chocolate or cheese constitutes a vice! Or my partiality to a cocktail at 5pm either. Or coffee in the morning, in bed. I’m vice-free. Lol. 😉 xo

    • Amanda

      It must be awesome to have no vices. I guess I can’t like you anymore 🙁 JK! Thanks so much for the well-wishes! I love the idea of this smoothie in the sun, spiked. You can’t let your trip go!! The year just started! Go in march! Or October! I forgot to mention my love affair with cheese. It’s one of my favorite things. I’m now into like 90% dark chocolate. What have I become? So great to see you, Lindy. xox

  7. 90% dark chocolate is pretty intense! Dare I admit – I prefer milk chocolate? And that I have cream in my coffee sometimes. Sacrilege!
    And yes, I will travel. But I’ll miss what has become my annual February trip to Mexico to escape the cold and indulge in some Sol and odd tequila and swim in the warm, turquoise Caribbean sea. Sigh.

    • Amanda

      Oh man…Soon enough. I like cream in my coffee sometimes too. And there is a place in my heart for milk chocolate too. It’s all good stuff.

    • Amanda

      Oh man, Dedy, that would be amazing. You’ve been on a role lately. I seriously look at your recipes and I’m happier knowing that that kind of cooking exists. I’m okay knowing that I might never get there.

  8. Congratulations are in order 🙂 You are a fantastic Aunt, I can tell 😉 Big fan of vices myself–as you said, just a few and indulged with some responsibility and (usually) with restraint. The folks who have no vices are absolutely hiding something!

    This smoothie looks so crazy good. Everything is right about it.

    • Amanda

      You are a woman of my own heart, liz. I love your comments. I would also love to share some bourbon vices with you. Enjoy your weekend. Thx re aunt. Can’t wait to visit. So crazy. Xo

  9. Congratulations all around!.
    I very much enjoyed your thoughts about coffee and also appreciate it as the little calm spot in the morning rush.
    Great looking smoothie as well! It’s very unique to me. It can also be vegan!

    • Amanda

      Thanks, Gerard! It can be vegan. And there really is such value in time outs, especially when exciting things are happening. They’re important no matter what the external circumstances are. Enjoy your day!

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