• Thank you. It’s definitely a bit of a struggle, but I enjoy it. Sardines are a fishy fish, but if you balance it out with citrus it’s actually wonderful. Thanks for your kind comment.

  1. Wonderful combination of ingredients and, yes, so Mediterranean. In the US sardines are not over fished, so they make good choices.
    What makes cooking so interesting for me and, I see the same sentiments from you, is the challange to create dishes each season that contain what is in season. This way I never get bored and my creativity has a chance to grow.

  2. I really enjoy reading your writing, you obviously have a gift in this area. Needless to say the sardines are also beautiful to look at, especially in that dark photo where you can really see their blueish hue. I honestly have the same feelings about the seasons but I don’t know that I would have been able to articulate. I am NOT a winter person even though I love coats and scarves and winter clothes, and I like stews and comforting “winter” foods. Very beautiful post!

    • Thanks so much. That means a lot. I agree with you, I like fall and winter fashion, hearty meals, fires and skiing, but it’s not like summer. It’s not quite depression but the feelings I described. We have to hold on to what we love about it all to get through I guess. Thanks again for your compliments. I think these sardines are just gorgeous. This meal was delicious. My husband was not a huge fan of the fishy fish though. He prefers salmon or branzino.

      • Same with mine, although we did have a sardine a while ago at Barnyard Restaurant here in Venice and we both couldn’t stop eating it . . it was crisped up really nicely I think in a wood burning oven and then set atop a toast that was drenched in some kind of wonderful sauce of capers, vinaigrette, pine nuts, raisins, and croutons served in a cocotte with more toast to lap up the sauce. So basically it’s a lot of bread, some delicious vinaigrette, and a bite or two of fish (with each hunk of bread that is!)

  3. I can’t say I like sardines but seeing them pictured, I am thinking of trout and remember that I almost bought some on Friday. Thankfully I didn’t because I forgot I was going to be out of town. Lovely post, picture and reminder that I need to grill a whole fish.

    • You’ll love your whole fish. Just get the right topping and it’ll speak for itself. I thought of you the other day. I hurt my back and it’s been a bit of a recovery process. I think you had some sort of surgery last year and endured the same. Maybe it wasn’t you but i’m pretty sure it was. I hope you’re well.

    • Ha! My husband did his best to eat them, while I thought they were fabulous. He’s a bigger fan of the milder thicker fish. I just have a weakness for certain fish. Blame it on my monger background!

  4. Hi Amanda! This sounds so delicious. I have never cooked sardines before. For awhile I didn’t think we had them available over here on the West Coast then I found fresh sardines at our Asian Supermarket but I haven’t bought any…yet. I love your citrus herb sauce. Just last night I happily sat on the couch last night with a light blanket. I love this cool weather! 🙂

    • Hi Seana, It really is great weather. There’s something imposing and deep about it, but comforting. Sardines are great, but I feel like you either like them or hate them. They’re worth a try. I fell in love with them 🙂 Enjoy the nice weather!

  5. Ho-ho, grilled sardines! Always excellent. And you’re using an indoor grill! We need to swap blogging sessions some time–I want to watch you in action. This sounds delicious. Love the little salad on top of everything. And great fish on the sheet pan. Ken

    • Thanks. That’s an excellent idea about swapping sessions. I was actually thinking that I’d love to watch you guys cooking too. Definitely next time we come to Boston, but yall are welcome in my very very humble kitchen as well. I don’t think my neighbors were as happy about the sardines as I was.

  6. I’ll admit, sardines aren’t at the top of my favorite food list. However, between your presentation, the zucchini, citrus and herbs…I’m reconsidering! This looks fabulous, Amanda…it’s a gorgeous and delicious dish all rolled into one. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Nancy. I think all the extras are necessary because sardines are such a strong flavor. I knew I was testing some boundaries on this one, but it’s delicious. Thanks so much for such kind words. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Just so sad summer is ending, this is the perfect meal for that time. Really beautiful and fresh I may say. A good cold white wine with that and you could feel in heaven for sure

  8. Oh yes – and with the rose. Yes please to everything. The last time I had sardines (not counting those in a can) I was in a Portuguese restaurant in Montreal. They were served in a very similar way – but with a large side of homemade shoestring french fries. And yes, a large glass of white wine. A nice rose would be even more perfect. Heaven.
    And the sheet pan – always – such a wonderful fixture in your blog. Pan envy….

    • That sounds like such a wonderful meal, Lindy! Montreal is great. I’ve been obsessed with sparkling rosé all summer. Im still in denial. I just love the simplicity of Mediterranean cooking. Sigh. And the pan is one of the only surfaces I have. I put it on top of the burners because it won’t melt. Unless I take off work or a weekend my cooking will never see the light of day :/ thanks as always for your lovely comments.

  9. I will eat anything you make, if only because the pictures are so gorgeous. Fantastic! Seems the right balance of so many flavors, textures, colors, etc.

  10. Beautiful way to keep summer on the plate – Fish & herbs are just summer essentials! I can´t decide these days whether to let summer go and embrace autumn or lingering on by cooking all kinds of summer dishes…. again, great recipe!

  11. Beautiful beautiful! If only they smelled as good as they looked 😉 I love sardines but have definitely had the “total collapse” effect, where I was scraping bones and scales and fishy mush off the base of a frying pan … it still tasted nice but I need to follow your advice next time: grilling is the way to go, and precision timing!
    Love the flavours you’ve put with these – definitely summery, but I know I’d enjoy it any time of year 🙂

    • Thanks, trixie! It’s true. I didn’t even know it could happen, the total comatose and bony mush of a fish. I learned. I’m so so glad I tried again. It only took over a year. They’re too beautiful to leave alone. So glad you like sardines too. This is a keeper for me# thanks for the kind words.

  12. I love sardines like I love my husband: totally, without reservations. I will eat sardines any time, with any sort of flavoring, but I eat it often alone, simply steamed, and I bask in all its fishiness while I eat. You’re making my challah?! What an honor! I am rooting for you and it! I am sorry I have been away and silent for a bit now…it appears saying goodbye to summer was harder on me than I thought. But now I’ve returned and am looking forward to seeing your challah and this sandwich creation you allude to. Happy weekend my friend.

    • That is a great way to love sardines and your husband 😉 they really are great. The challah came out so well. I used a combination of recipes but your photos et so helpful. I know what you mean about summer. Ahh. Always nice to see you around.

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