• Well put. Yes. It really does help you hit the restart button. I never would have even thought to dress up Brussels. I don’t even like using oil, but this….oh.

  1. Well, you went through quite a delicious route to get to this recipe. I love Brussels sprouts and this sauce and the preparation sounds yummy with all the sweet and sour fusion (for me w/o the fish sauce that is). 😀 )))

  2. This is great! Honestly Amanda, we eat roasted brussels sprouts once a week (a little obsessed). I’m going to make your vinaigrette next round. Interesting the vinaigrette has cilantro stems rather than the leaves. I see the leaves are added to the brussels sprouts after tossing with dressing. Did you add the mint to the dressing too? Love the flavor and I can’t wait to try it this week!

    • I’m excited for you to try it! Yes, I added mint to the dressing as well, though you can throw it on top too. It definitely adds a layer of flavor. Definitely report back!

    • That’s so cool, Mary Frances! I’m glad you love it as much as I do. I think the fish sauce scares people. I always like your recipes and so I appreciate your comment even more. Enjoy your week!

  3. Beautiful pics! I love those and have made them many times with numerous variations. Someday, I swear someday, I am gonna make the whole original recipe with the fried cilantro leaves and toasted puffed rice. David Chang is a god. (I am not, however, a fan of the Momofuku desserts. Sorry, Christina T., they are just too cloyingly sweet.)

    • Awesome, Michelle. Then you know how good these are! I stay away from the frying if I can. I definitely like Chang’s savory more than the sweet, but if you ever go to Milk bar, some of those cookies are pretty darn good 🙂 Nowhere near the savory though!

  4. Wow, that sounds delicious, Amanda. I love Brussels sprouts, and so does Pierre, and we’ve been eating quite alot this winter, but we haven’t tried anything like this version yet! I’ve made soba noodles with a Brussels sprout stir fry and sesame-honey-soy sauce, and they were delicious. Your version sounds both earthy from the roasting, and fresh from the dressing. Yum! (I cannot wait to see my parents on Sunday, I’m heading over to Paris for a few days for work, and I want to hear all about their trip!)

    • Wow, Darya, then this dressing is right up your alley. You’ll like it. So glad your parents are finally heading back. I’m sure they have a lot to tell. I wish I could come with you to Paris and chat with them too. They should have a little something for you from me 🙂

  5. My French Heaven

    Not a huge fan of these, but your photos are so stunning, they actually make me want to try again… Brussells sprouts surely are photogenic 🙂 Great recipe! Don’t you LOVE Pinterest?!

    • Thanks so much. I actually do like Brussels sprouts and this dressing will surely disguise what you don’t like about them. I am a Pinterest fanatic. I can’t stop. It’s pretty amazing.

  6. This looks delicious, Amanda. I actually love brussels sprouts (I’m strange) and actually have the Momofuku cookbook, but have never made this dish. You just reminded me to revisit that cookbook. I think these sprouts would taste great on soba noodles. I’m excited to see your upcoming posts about those dishes you made, especially that spicy curry. 🙂

    • Thanks, Nagn! Do glad we found each other too! Your recipes are great! You’re so right about the soba noodles. I will get to those posts asap!

  7. I didn’t brussel sprouts are the it vegetable, but I did make an amazing batch with spicy honey and mustard, got a real craving for them… then cannot find them in the stores again! Tengo ganas de encontrarlos otra vez para poder intentar hacer tu receta también. besos!

    • Que rico suena tu receta con miel! Brussels are more of a winter veggie so they’re probably hard to come by now in the wonderful markets where you shop! Gracias por tu comento como siempre, querida Sofia!

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