1. That’s wonderful – I want to drink a cold beer and toast your grandparents on the Wonder Wheel.
    I’ve never had thin blini which look very similar to French crêpes, but I have eaten a lot of the leaven type of blini in Paris with caviar and taramasalata.
    I suspect that the thin ones are harder to make than the fat ones 😉

  2. I guess I grew up on pancakes, occasionally. And crepes whilst in London. I still don’t know the differences between blinis, blintzes and these. Partly as it’s something I never make. Huh, really must try them one of these weekends. If I remember to buy milk!

    • I grew up on pancakes and blintzes. I didn’t have blinis or crepes, which I believe are the same, until later. Blintzes are always stuffed and fried to crispy. Theyre all delicious. Go get some milk!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful story – I was lucky enough to have my grandmother around until just a few years ago (she was 93 when she passed away) and I too shared many wonderful times and memories with her. It sounds like you value, love and appreciate her! Gorgeous recipe..I love all kinds of pancakes 🙂

    • Thanks, Chica. That’s really cool that you were able to have a special relationship too. It really is a gift. As for pancakes. ..yum. So versatile and healing for the soul. They make everything better.

  4. Hi, Amanda,
    “The restaurants on Coney Island stand as a testament to resilience and aspiration. The people look sturdy and weather-worn.” What a beautiful line. I can envision it perfectly.
    I am so glad that your grandma inspired you to make this nostalgic recipe. Beautiful food – and beautiful memories.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Amanda, so sorry I am late in responding! I had seen your post, but then failed to return and comment! Your blinchiki sound delicious, and I loved reading about your memories in Coney Island, and how you still spend time with your grandma there; I am picturing her getting busy in the kitchen right after coming in from the cold. In our household we always used the word blini for crêpes, oladyi (pancakes), leavened blini (which my mom made once a year), etc. without making a distinction. I hardly ever make them myself, though they are not so difficult, but reading your post first thing in the morning has made me very hungry!!!

    • Aw interesting, Darya. Thanks for coming back! I was so curious about your experience with blini. Didn’t mean to pressure you 🙂 blintzes were more my thing growing up but now I find them to be more life dessert than dinner. I always appreciate your comments.

  6. […] Similarly in Eastern Slavic nations, such as Russia, Pagan festivals celebrating the end of winter were appropriated by the Eastern Orthodox Church. Known as Maslenitsa, there is a week of festivities before Lent. It is also known as Butter Week as dairy products are used up to make pancakes, or Blintz. Blintz is a Yiddish word derived from the Russian blinyet meaning little pancake; there is a yummy recipe here. […]

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