1. That looks beautiful with the chorizo oil drizzled on top, as do the trees. I always thought that fall trees in American movies were shot on particularly vibrant days until I lived there and saw first hand how amazing the leaves look in real life!

  2. Gorgeous post, Amanda! I love it when you share pictures of upstate New York, the colors of fall are amazing. And the soup sounds delicious, I don’t think I have ever eaten fennel soup, but I have no doubts it was delicious, especially with the addition of chorizo… yum!

    • Thank you, Darya! Upstate New York is so magical. It took moving to the city and staying for years for me to realize it. The soup has such great flavor combinations and it’s easy to make. If you don’t use chorizo, it definitely needs smoked paprika. That’s where most of the flavor comes from. The fennel only gives it a slight licorice taste, just a hint.

      • Oh but I do love chorizo! Do you use a specific kind? Here in France we can get a drier kind, which is more like a dry sausage and a softer kind, which is supposed to be cooked, but I must admit I am not a chorizo specialist!

        • I actually don’t use a specific kind. We have all sorts of options too. This one looked juicier to me and I was looking to use the oil as a garnish so I bought it! So good!

  3. Simply stunning, Amanda! Your photos are breathtaking – love the vibrant foliage and your tempting soup. I always appreciate a creamy soup that is free of cream. I have some spicy merguez sausage that I’d love to use in this one.

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