1. I can empathise – a coupe of years back I went to Barcelona and came back a week later to a dead fridge freezer and a flat smelling of defrosted and moulding pheasant. I could smell it coming up the stairs before I’d even opened the door!

  2. Oh my, I think we can all empathise with you 🙁 When we moved to the UK last year (well, not “moved2 but you know what I mean) we had a teeny tiny fridge but now I have a rather big one and I wouldn’t go back – and it never breaks down!

  3. Oh dear. I am so happy that never happened to me in my previous appartment! My upstairs neighbors did flood my kitchen once, and I spent several weeks with all my kitchen stuff (food and utensils) in my living room, but I was lucky never to have to deal with a broken refrigerator… fortunately, otherwise there would have been piles of waste and I would have felt sooooo guilty about it!!! At least you got a new one quite soon!

  4. Ugh! I have had my time with malfunctioning refrigerators too. I am dealing with our “almost new” stove right now! After you use it you have to shut off the gas valve! Otherwise the oven “poofs” on for 10 seconds and shuts off. And wouldn’t you know it…the warranty ended 4 months ago. I’m mad… 🙂 So inconvenient, isn’t it!

    • Ha! That’s awful. Yes, while there are many worse things in life, when something you rely on malfunctions, it’s annoying. Be careful with that stove!

  5. Fig & Quince

    Oh Amanda, sorry to hear about this. Then again, leave it to you to turn a major mishap into a riveting story. And … wait … are the illustrations yours? Because: wow!!

    • Thanks so much. I love the way you write too. I come back to your site for the stories as well as the food. The illustrations are actually a function on my camera that can turn everything into a cartoon. If only I were that good. 🙂 Thanks for your thoughtful comments as always.

  6. Amanda, I enjoyed reading this immensely and appreciate your writing, although I’m sorry you had to deal with a broken fridge. Life is definitely full of inconveniences and it really is about keeping perspective and having fun along the way. Enjoy your new fridge!

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