1. Love it. Acorn squash is one of my absolute favorite fall ingredients. I usually bake it simply with cheddar cheese and Espelette pepper, or with maple syrup and Chinese five spice. But this dish is something else entirely. Beautiful photos. I shall have to try it.

  2. I never think of squash as a Middle Eastern vegetable… perhaps I’ve never been in a Middle Eastern country at the right moment! But this sounds so delicious! All those spices and flavors… yum!

    • I don’t think squash really is a middle Eastern vegetable. Its just a good sponge for flavor so I combined it with middle eastern spices in an experiment that worked quite well. I could have easily made this an Italian dish instead.

  3. This is a perfect meal all contained in an acorn squash! I love the spice combination of flavors for the turkey. And then you topped it with a cool “herby” yogurt! I’m adding turkey and acorn squash to my list today. I’ve been away from the kitchen and blogging for a few weeks, too much work at the office! This will be a nice dinner, looking forward to cooking! 🙂

    • Enjoy! This too was my first meal back after a lot of work at the office. It’s not too involved but so good. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. It’s tough sometimes when so many things beckon for your time.

  4. wow Amanda – what a creative adaptation. fall squashes are definitely part of the allure of the new season. I love your opening paragraph describing what is new to enjoy instead of what we are leaving behind.

  5. I did make this Amanda and we love it! I decided beforehand I would follow your recipe without straying. Well, when it came time to put the quinoa on the stove….I didn’t have any! I didn’t realize we were out. So, one slight adaptation. I made basmatic rice instead. Still did everything else though and it was wonderful. Another fantastic recipe from your blog! Amazing.

    • Wow. I am so flattered. I’m so glad it turned out so well! If you don’t have the jerusalem cookbook I highly recommend it. Instead of adapting recipes I now adapt concepts. And when they work you get this! You made my night.

    • Thanks, Hannah. I’m obsessed with spices and their beauty. It kind of reminds me of Egyptian makeup. They enhance beauty and flavor with colorful powders. I totally get why Columbus would risk his life to get to India for spices. I’d be holding onto that mast too.

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