• Thanks! I try to only cook healthy. I don’t love using tons of butter and sugar, but for a dessert this is actually not terrible for you and it’s so easy to do. Thanks for your comment and the compliments.

  1. Amanda, those plums looks delicious! I am sure this was a wonderful dessert, I am so happy you liked it! Several friends of mine (non-bloggers) have made it and liked it very much! I am glad you did too!

    • Thanks, Darya. It’s the perfect recipe for using up all the summer fruits so they don’t go to waste. It’s also so simple. Like I said before, it’s such a mess because I didn’t butter the “non-stick” pan so it came out in crumbles. It’s not as beautiful as the one you documented, but there’s something to be said about making a mess in the kitchen, especially if it tastes as good as this did. Thanks again for the recipe!

      • Well, you know, I was going to make “mirabelle” plum pie, and I had just made the pie shell, and BROKE it in such a way that I couldn’t possibly use it!!! I was going to turn the broken pie shell into crumbles, but my boyfriend ate it as a snack today! I am such a messy, disorganized cook, I can understand how you felt after forgetting to butter the pan; that is just the kind of things I do all the time!!! The most important thing is you liked the tart! 🙂

        • Ha! You are so sweet. It was fabulous and making it was fun too. There’s something to be said about digging each piece out of the pan 🙂 It’s like finding treasure.

    • Thank you, Hannah! This is a great easy way to use them, especially if they are a little tart because the baking brings out the sugars! Enjoy! Hour you are loving your new home.

  2. Stunning post. You first paragraph had me mesmerized. Beautifully written Amanda. So glad to see you made the tart. I felt like I lived vicariously through your post. Tasting and all. The farm sounds like a dream. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how your put it…”The purple translucent skin seems the perfect envelope for holding the orange-hued, sun-kissed flesh that mimics the color of its days ripening in the field”. Poetry!

    • Thanks so much. Your comments and responses are always so thoughtful. I really appreciate them. The tart actually led me to more baking. Apparently it isn’t impossible!

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