1. Now if only they’d open up all those border laws so we could all go to Havana and sip this every day! What a wonderful color this smoothies have. And they look so lovely and refreshing on a hot summers day. Any tricks on finding mamey up north?

    • Ah yes, well until then we have Miami. Up North your best bet is the Latin Markets or neighborhoods. They may at least have the frozen pulp. It’s so delish! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Chase

    I’ve drank this my entire life. It’s dangerous! You can get fat off this…lmao.
    Just kidding. But I turn week when I see this. I could drink this all day and night til my stomach explodes. I always was given it from the pulp cause I live in NY. Found some actual fruit and went to town on it. I even tried it as a shake with ice cream. My mother wouldnt drink it with the ice cream in it.lol. batido de mamey is the best!

    • Awesome, chase. I know what you mean. I have literally made myself sick many times drinking this. Maybe it’s just too much of a good thing but I keep coming back. When I saw a mamay in the store I was like whaaat? But usually I buy it from Jackson Heights make it using pulp. Thanks for stopping by!

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