1. I read this on the train ride home.It’s absolutely brilliant.  Really creative, interesting, funny,personal and authentic (in the voicing).Definitely your best one yet.  Was the Madlibs idea something that was sitting in yourmind for a while or was it an in-the-moment inspiration?It’s a really clever vehicle for the storyline.Xio               Xiomáro | Fotografía | New York          www.xiomaro.com | Facebook | Twitter 2012 Visiting Artist at Weir Farm National Historic Site   You can help fund my next exhibit:  order a print 

    • Thanks so much, Xio for all of your comments. They keep me going. The idea was spur of the moment because a) I loved Madlibs and name your own adventure stories when I was a kid and b) I’ve lived each of these story lines, often at the same time. I always wonder, “what if this had happened differently?” I get hung up on the spectrum of possibilities, especially when what actually happens falls short of my expectations. I wanted to make a nice dinner on Monday and I did, but because of the layout of my lovely kitchen, and my fatigue, I dropped a half pound of my salmon dinner on the floor. Two weeks ago I had a lonely and pathetic pizza dinner because of the Nor’Easter that hit NYC and the challenges that it brought. No one wants to write about those moments because they’re uneventful and kind of pathetic. However, they’re not unworthy. Often, that’s where my interests lie..in those moments when you want to just throw in the towel. Cooking for me is joyful, but I’m also drawn to the morose, when what should be joyful, just isn’t. This was a spur of the moment way to address both joy and less than joy because I usually live them both simultaneously and think they’re both worth a little acknowledgment. Thanks again for your comments. Your photography is incredible, by the way.

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