• That’s hilarious, but not really. I used to burn myself when I made pastries too. It’s a proud club, but I really could be more careful. I never thought socca would be a thing in the rotation but they’re quick and filling. Have a great week, Jovina!

  1. Such a beautiful presentation! I made socca as well, after having them in Nice. Mine was served with a Niçoise salad. But I didn’t use my oven. I also have multiple parallel scars from the oven rack!

  2. Tell me about it! I’ve dropped my knife a few times and having quick reflexes caught it, to prevent damaging the blade, but I always seem to close my hand around the sharp edge! I even caught a hot bread tin (that slipped out of the oven gloves) with my bare inner arms and have matching burn marks to prove it.
    Those flatbread look delicious – I love chickpea flour. I’d be making them tonight if I didn’t already have the ingredients for courgette pizza to hand 🙂

    • Omg that’s horrible! I’ve dropped my good knife but I just let it fall and jump out of the way. You’re braver than I. Chickpea flour is great. I need to start using it for other things. Have a great day, MD! Be careful!

      • I couldn’t help myself – it’s like something falling out of a cupboard and catching it involuntarily. I’ve only done it twice, the third time the knife stuck in my foot!

  3. I am covered in burns too. And the worst aren’t even those horrible ones I got at Rolling River last summer! I’ve done all the same things you describe doing too, and will probably have scars the rest of my life. So chic! Oh the dangerous life of a cook…
    That being said, your socca looks delicious. I had it once in Tuscany a few weeks ago (it was called cecina though, not farinata, but it is the same thing), and I was ordered (yes, ordered!) to sprinkle it with tons of black pepper. I did, and it was great. I really should try making my own, as it is quite straightforward, though I suspect I will like it slightly on the thicker side compared to yours.
    This is a great post, and I love the pictures!

    • Oh wow! Sorry to hear about burns worse than last year’s! I’ll have to add more pepper next time though I add it to the batter. I tried it with lemon and sumac last night and loved it. Cool that there’s another name out there. I’d love to have one in Tuscany one day. I think you’d make these very well! Thanks so much for the compliments. Xoxo

  4. Nice! Love socca, and your toppings are particularly gorgeous. And, yes, I, too, am burn- and cut-scarred from years of cooking. I looked at my palm today and thought WTF? Then I remembered some grease popping when I was frying some zucchini last night.

    • Hilarious. Thank you. I did the same! I done went and burned myself again last night making socca! I must be slow! But it looks like I’m in good company. Heading over you see what you posted earlier. I am so excited to share what I did today. Hint.. it involves an illegal garden. If I get disbarred in NY, can i be your intern?

    • Hola, Chica! I was just thinking of you because I fully intend to make your tomato sauce soon! A frying pan would totally work. I made this again tonight and didn’t burn myself at all. Though last night I did. Definitely badges of honor! Xo

  5. Wow, Amanda, you’ve got kitchen credibility now! (had to write it out – how uncool – but autocorrect would make something funny out of it every time.
    Love socca and can’t wait to go back to Nice to have some… I am afraid of those burns somehow.
    N xx

  6. Oh no, I hope your arm and hand heal soon! Burns are especially painful on hot days! But you’re right, kitchen cred is kind of cool and tough….I really like the looks of your socca. I’ve never made it before. Sounds delicious and healthy, and I love radishes and dill on anything. A beautiful, light and summery meal! My daughter would love this. Take care and stay safe in the kitchen! 😉

    • Thanks, Jenny. For a quick weeknight meal or snack these are perfect. I can’t believe I didn’t get on the bandwagon sooner! The burns aren’t too bad, but I need to be more careful. Worth it though! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. when i used to work for a bagel shop in college, i would lift pans of bagels out of the oven. protocal is to put them on a rack and let them cool, but if it’s busy and people are hungry, i take them out of the oven and throw them, still piping hot into the bins for customers to see what’s available. one time i ridiculous FORGOT that the pans were hot and i rested the lip of the pan on my thigh as i tried to one-hand pass bagels into appropriate bins. i was wearing shorts. for awhile i had a lined scar on my thigh that just sounded so uncool to say i had burned from an oven tray….

    anyway, i think i like the idea of socca, but i don’t know if i care for chickpea flour. if that makes sense. i love chickpeas and hummus and falafel, but the baked stuff isn’t for me…

    • Omg that’s horrible, but its so easy to do. I love hearing about your bagel store days. I didn’t think I’d like socca at first either. Only when I started making them very thin and crispy and let the toppings do the talking did I come around. But it does have a distinct flavor that isn’t for everyone or everything. Have a great weekend, Lan!

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