• Thanks, Jovina. You really can get creative here. The documentary was beautiful and sad, but important. I hope you’re staying cool down there!

  1. This bowl looks so nourishing and delicious! I love roasted sweet potatoes and I can imagine the flavors are really lovely with all the other ingredients you have here. I need to play around more with bowls. I recently made a curry bowl from my husband’s Thrive cookbook, and it was so good! The possibilities are endless, I just need to be in that frame of mind more often. I am also looking forward to your sweet potato taco recipe! 🙂 Hope you are staying cool this weekend! It is so hot here! I like the description of secretly staying inside to watch movies–sometimes being in the a/c is the best option! 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenny. Everything you make from that cookbook sounds good. I need to get a copy. The bowl is an art form these days and with all the cool produce, I just pile it on. It has been hot here too. It makes me want to be on the beach! I’m actually staying put in the city this weekend. I don’t mind. Sometimes a weekend on the couch is ideal! Have a great weekend.

  2. So I thought I wrote something here but it seems not to have come through! I like recipes where everything can be made ahead of time and separately, and that the choice of combinations, sauces, spices, and garnishes is what makes each dish unique. It is especially convenient during the summer, when you don’t always want to spend lots of time in the kitchen. I owe an answer to your last email, sorry it is taking so long! I hope you’re well!

    • Thanks, Darya. That’s exactly what I love about it. Never apologize for taking time with long emails! I can’t wait to see you hand rolled pasta dish over on your blog! Xo

  3. That’s a great rationale for summer food, though I find it hard not to light up the oven several times a week, even on the hottest days. Is it possible (or allowed) to create a hanging garden with window boxes outside windows?

    • Hi MD! I’m with you. I make almost everything in the oven. There’s just no getting around it. Maybe a giant salad. Window boxes wouldn’t work because of the fire escape but I can definitely do something on the inside. I also just sprouted lentils for the first time. We’ll see if they’re ok. I’m nervous to try them. Nice to see you!

  4. i say start an illegal fire escape garden. have a pot or two of herbs and see how that fares? our illegal fire escape garden is not doing so well this summer, BUT, my office window sill is flush with basil and thyme right now. i’m crazy office mate coo-ing at her plants every morning.

    anyway, i am a fan of pile bowls, heaped with summer’s bounty, and throw in a fruit piece or berry here or there and it adds even more sunshine.

    • If you’re doing it, I might have to. I need more green in my room. Great idea about the fruit! You’d be an awesome office mate cultivating something living instead of just corporate documents! Be well! Xo

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