• Thank you so much, Jovina. I’m kind of in awe too. I never considered myself a runner and now I run! I like redefining my idea of myself. So nice to see you.

  1. Lovely pancakes! I’ve never tried using apple sauce in pancake batter, but I like that as an alternative to oil! Congratulations on the race! Sounds like you are becoming a seasoned runner! 🙂 I just started running after taking a couple of years off from it….my whole body aches right now, but I hope to get back to the point where it’s fun again! Also, I love the Hamlet quote. Such a good one to keep in mind, for someone like me who overthinks everything!!

    • Thank you, Jenny. I never really believed that apple sauce could be used in place of oil without changing the taste and it actually works! I now use it in my cookies, pancakes and waffles. It’s great for non-finicky baked goods. So glad you’ve started running. It hurts so good! You’ll see that after you get into it you get used to it. I go on and off with it too. That Hamlet quote is like a mantra to me! Be well. xoxo

  2. That race sounds SO intense. I’d be treating myself to stacks on stacks of these pancakes if I ever finished something like that (or probably something much less wholesome). They look just perfect, so full of goodness! I hope the storm calms soon and you get some much-deserved time to relax, Amanda.

    • Thanks so much, Cynthia. So sweet to see you here. I love reading all about your adventures in working-mom land and east v. west in all senses. The race was absolutely insane, but I definitely ate my share of pancakes to make up for it (and tacos and pizza). I think when summer arrives everything always gets easier. xoxo

  3. Congratulations on completing the second Ragnar race – that’s quiet an achievement. I haven’t eaten American style pancakes for 20 years – your recipe is a good excuse to rectify that 🙂

    • Thanks, MD. It’s so good to be back here and to see you here too. Pancakes traditionally aren’t that great for you, but these…feel free to eat the pile. It’s a nice way to make the weekend feel special. 😉

  4. You did another one of those races? Well done! You only dreamt of the pancakes AFTER the race? I’d be dreaming of them DURING! (which is why I’d probably fail miserably lol). I haven’t made pancakes for ages and was rethinking them recently, I love your addition of the berries and might do that next time. xx

    • Thanks you, Sofia! Yes, I’m nuts, I did another race and it was really fun. But I’m going to give it a little rest. LOL i thought of pancakes as I was running too because one of our stops had some in the previous race! My first leg was good, but I was so sore that my next two times were not ideal. It was fun. These pancakes are loaded with chocolate chips too, which makes them dessert, but breakfast and dessert really are the same. 😉

      • I would be so sore too! I really admire that you do it. Oh I completely agree, breakfast and dessert are the same! Most of my desserts are usually eaten more during breakfast time…

  5. yay, you survived the ragnor, great job.

    i’m slowly, but surely, collecting quick recipes that don’t call for fast perishables because we’re headed to the woods next month with our nephews and i need to feed them growing boys! i like that is recipe does not call for eggs, which can then be used for other recipes… thx for sharing.

    • Oh that sounds so fun! These pancakes could work for the woods. I want to go into the woods too!! Enjoy! As for Ragnar I’m taking a break for the summer. Xo

  6. first- those pancakes look delicious and i am SO craving them!! second- i totally get you about being pulled in all directions. experiencing that myself lately and i’m having so much stress. wish i had these pancakes to cure that!!

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