1. Wow, you really need the oats when it’s still so cold, though quite beautiful in the mountains. It was about 14ºC here (London, not Spain) and the forecast for tomorrow is 16ºC.
    Congratulations on winning the case – I’m sure that’s a huge weight off their shoulders 🙂

    • Thanks, MD! It has been nice and springy by you. The mountains are always a little colder, but last weekend was specifically cold. It’s snowing today in NYC, though it doesn’t seem too cold. This breakfast really is my new go-to. I really love it. And yes I’m so happy and relieved for my client and they must feel so relieved as well. For a while, during all of this Trump visa business we gave them letters to walk around with in case they got stopped. It’s tough to live like that. Now they won’t have to! Have a wonderful weekend, MD!

      • Snow in New York – wow! I was so warm yesterday I had to take my jacket off while cycling.
        I’m quite sure you performed a miracle with current administration.
        Wishing you a great weekend too 🙂

  2. Wow, those pictures from the Adirondack mountains are amazing! So beautiful, I understand why it is one of your favorite places. It’s springtime here in Lille, even when the sun isn’t anywhere to be seen, it’s warm and everything is beginning to bud and blossom; I’m even beginning to think salads over stews these days.
    I’m so happy that you and your clients won their case, and will be able to breathe freely from now on! That’s wonderful news.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen steel cut oats here in France; we can get whole oat groats, but they take for ever to cook, or rolled oats in various sizes. I love the taste of both. This is quite a hearty porridge, but considering the weather your side of the Atlantic, it sounds like that’s what you need. I love recipes where a basic few ingredients turn into many different meals depending on what you add on top. So many delicious possibilities.

    • Interesting that they only sell the whole oat groat. I don’t think I’ve seen that. I’m ready for spring for sure. Walking hair when it’s 18 degrees f like today is cooold. Salads over stews! Right around the corner! The Adirondacks are so pretty and rugged and remote. I also like the kinds of basic recipes where you can customize them as you go. Thanks for stopping by. Much love to you! Xo

  3. Congrats on the case, thats wonderful news!
    Great post, thanks for explaining the difference between steel cut and rolled oats as I had wondered about it and never got around to it. However, most of the oats I see here, whether in the supermarkets, markets or bulk stores are just labelled as “avena”… which is probably why I never bothered to go in depth…
    And what a delicious looking healthy breakfast bowl! xxx

    • Thank you, Sofia! I always enjoy your posts when you get behind the difference between foods. Darya said that in France they don’t make a distinction either. Interesting. You could make this bowl with either type and it’s wonderful. I just like a little change from time to time. I hope you’re doing well! Xo

  4. Your breakfast bowl looks so cozy and hearty! Perfect for right now. I just had steel-cut oats for breakfast this morning, but have never tried them mixed with quinoa. I will have to try that, because it sounds very healthy and nourishing! I love your photos of the Adirondacks, they are gorgegous! And congratulations trying cross country skiing! I have not been able to do much of that this winter due to lack of snow, though now that it is mid March, we have lots of snow! Maybe I should get the skis back out! Also, congratulations on winning your case! I’m glad your hard work gave you the result you and your clients hoped for. I heard NYC got a lot of snow today, so stay warm!

    • Thanks, Jenny! We are inundated here so I’m just staying warm, eating oatmeal 🙂 we didn’t have the snow to x country either, but because lake placid had the Olympics some of the x county trails make the snow. We used those. Crazy that the snow comes in March. Enjoy the week!

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