1. This smoothie bowl looks so deliciously healthy! I love all the ingredients in it! I also love that when you have this for breakfast, at least you now you started out strong. That is how my days go sometimes and there will definitely be a glass of wine at the end of this day for me!! Starting out strong is very important and sets the tone for the whole day. I am glad you are finding meaning in your work–that sounds like an important case to be working on. Good luck with the running!

    • Thanks so much, Jenny. Yes, starting out strong definitely sets the tone for the day. It keeps me (at least makes me think twice) from drowning in a sea of regret (aka wine) so as not to undo the good stuff. I actually took this case on a while back, but really started to get to know the family and the two young boys and realized that cases like this can come and go from your desk and you might not even know the power you have. I’m glad to help and can definitely use some rest too 🙂 I hope your yoga is going well!

  2. All recipes are valid, no matter how simple – that’s an amazing colour! Good luck with the pro bono case – I’m sure the family are in good hands, because you genuinely care about helping them 🙂

    • Aw thank you, MD. I agree on all fronts. I think we’re in good shape. The other issue is that it’s harder to find plant-based recipes. Most of the places I turn to are blogs or I’m converting recipes I’ve seen to GF + V. Last night I made cinnamon rolls and the gf flour mix I made certainly didn’t work there (though it tasted amazing). So I feel like I’m learning how to walk again in some ways. Fun to have you along for the ride though. Have a great weekend!

      • Have you looked at chestnut flour (maybe not for cinnamon rolls), but I remember reading about a part of Italy where they don’t grow corn because the region is too mountainous, so they mill their abundant chestnuts to make bread instead. It’s also possible to grind acorns, but they need a lot of treatment beforehand.
        …and you might not want to try this – during the Spanish civil war, people in Madrid made flour out of almorta (a relative of the lupin) and used it for gachas (gruel). Apparently it tastes quite good, but the toxin it contains is debilitating if one eats it daily – of course during food shortages it was consumed day in day out! Here’s a posh version:

    • Thank you, Chica!! I try to keep each day interesting. Congee in the slow cooker! brilliant. I was thinking of making that this morning along side this smoothie. So wonderful. Have a great weekend! xo

  3. Hi Amanda! Your plant based diet is quite varied and enticing, and this smoothie certainly reflects that. I think the simple recipes are the real treasures, the ones you return to over and over again. I hope your pro bono case goes well – the family is lucky to have you! – and good luck with your marathon training. Happy Friday! xox

    • Thanks, Hannah! It’s always so great to hear from you. You’re so right about the simple recipes. Thanks so much for saying that about the family. It’s an honor to work for them. As for running, it’s just fun for me. Have a great weekend! I hope all is well with you!

  4. Amanda, if you can manage this heavy schedule (and the training) your drink surely must have super powers. rats, I’ve got everything except chard leaves, stems yes, but kale should work, too, do you think? Could do with a jolt of super power.

  5. Love the poignancy of this post. It’s reassuring to know that there are good people out there helping the vulnerable — my heart goes out to this family! Looking forward to hearing how your training progresses (I totally agree with a previous poster — you must have super powers!!)

    • Thanks, Kris! I wish I did have super powers, but mostly I’m just a juggler. This family’s case has gotten stronger so it’s looking good. I do feel like the best way to grow is through service. As for training… I let the cold be an excuse today, but tomorrow… Back at it!

    • Thanks, Lan. That’s so sweet and I’m doing my best. You can’t take care of anyone if you don’t take care of yourself. It’s kind of my mantra these days. My firm has teams of lawyers at JFK and Dulles right now helping out so it’s not a lone effort. You be well too! xoxo

  6. I wonder how you can not get emotional over each and everyone of your cases, but then I guess its a shield you have to make to get on with life. I guess its the same as when I used to work as a pharmacist, I wouldn’t let each and every client get to me. On another note, send you luck and energy to get through that case.
    And another another note, looking through your smoothie ingredient list it sounds delicious. I have been using the stems from my beets lately in salads, though I hadn’t thought to put them in smoothies. Actually I haven’t made a smoothie in ages (scratch my head,..). Take care Amanda! xx
    PS I think a few of my previous comments got lost in your spam box. I wanted to tell you I used your oven mits when I was at Darya. So much fun to think they were from you! <3

    • Awww i love that you used my oven mitts!!! I’ll on to see if there are lost comments 🙁 that stinks! I recently started using beet greens in smoothies and salads too. As for being emotionally involved, I think it is something that develops over time exactly as you described. I really try to drink my greens or have a salad every day now that I know how good they are for you. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! Be well! Xoxo

  7. I love that you revealed a bit more about your work life and in particular the pro bono case. All the very best with this important and meaningful work.
    You are doing so much on so many fronts – running, researching, work, relationships, travel, and the general business of living – and so of course, by necessity the cooking has to fit into that lifestyle. Peanut butter and fig jam on seed bread sounds perfect – as does this smoothie. I actually love the move towards the plant-based diet.
    I also struggle with what to post these days. And I completely relate to being stretched too thinly. I live alone, have a writing career, a newspaper column, a book on the go, a volunteer job as an editor, a large dog who needs a lot of walking, two fabulous daughters, a house to run, an elderly mother, and a stack of friends who I wish I had more time with. So yes, the days of being the family cook are gone and I find myself wondering what constitutes something blog-able. But when I read you, I realize I follow your blog as much for what you say, as for what you’re eating. And I love both!

    • Lindy, thank you so much for you thoughtful comment. I actually miss posting weekly when I haven’t come up with a recipe that works well because I like writing and interacting. I know you’re no stranger to the catharsis that comes with writing. You have such a full life! I’m really interested in the affect walking El Camino has had on your outlook. The immigration work I do is the hardest and what’s been going on in this country has affected all of my immigration cases. It’s crazy. But I really take solace in wellness and interacting with people. I hope you’re well and I’m so happy to hear from you. Enjoy your weekend!

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