1. I love cashews, so why not. People overlook what one can do with nuts – what astonishing resourcefulness you have! I hope you are having a nice crisp winter, as opposed to the Arctic blasts sometimes felt in New York 🙂

    • You always surprise me! I don’t know why because you’re such an amazing cook. I love that you’re always adapting for your gluten free or vegan friends. Cashew cream is so good! Thanks for the forks over knives link. Ill look into taking that course. I am familiar with the website after I watched the documentary, which kind of was part of the reason I’ve opened my mind to this. Dr. Colin Campbell from the movie is really a hero of mine now. I’m still learning and growing here but it’s amazing how knowledge truly is power. Thanks, Jovina. I hope you’re doing well. I truly love hearing from you. Xo

  2. Yum, this cashew cream has my mouth watering! I am a big fan of sour cream, but have cut way back on it because I am trying not to over-do it with dairy. I bet this is a delicious and healthy way to get that same creamy texture and taste! It sounds like you are finding meaningful and deep ways to nourish yourself, not only with food but also with spirit. Best wishes to you during this busy, yet at the same time, introspective, season!! Thank you for sharing this recipe–I would like to try it over the holidays!!

    • Thank you, Jenny. I think you’re right. I’m slowly changing for the better. You will love this cashew sour cream. It’s very easy and almost indistinguishable from the real deal. I can’t believe these things aren’t main stream. Have a wonderful weekend! Xo

  3. I’m not doing much with nuts these days, a black walnut shell cost me a tooth on Thanksgiving weekend and I’m not quite ready to go back to that well yet. Maybe once everything is “fixed”, I’ll brave them again — but no black walnuts unless I shell them myself!!!
    Anyway and more to the point, your cashew cream sounds fantastic, Amanda. Although my issues with dairy are relatively minor, that’s not the case for some of my friends. This cream will be very well-received. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, John. Nuts are expensive. I just look at it as a healthy investment, especially if you’re not spending the money on dairy. What did you do with the walnut shell? Interesting. I had more of this cashew cream last night in chili. Solo good! Be well!

      • The man that sells us honey in Michigan also sells black walnuts that he’s cracked and apparently chopped. In the past, I’ve come upon a bit of shell but without any consequences. I roasted a handful of the nuts and put them in my turkey dressing for Thanksgiving. The next day, enjoying my favorite turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce sammich, I broke a tooth on a piece of shell. Luckily, the only pain I’ve experienced is to my wallet, since the loss of that tooth pointed out problems with its neighbors. All of this will be addressed next week. I’ll be fine — I’m just not going near black walnuts for a while. 🙂

        • Ohhhh wow. That’s horrible. Now I understand the comment fully. Jeez. I totally would stay away from nuts too after that. I hope it all works out. Dental work really is outrageously pricy and insurance doesn’t help much. Funny in hindsight? 😉

          • Oh, yes, Amanda, I’ve had a few chuckles over it. I even asked my DDS if we couldn’t just stick a Tic Tac into the space and call it a day. He said no. I need to find a new dentist, one with a vision! I will admit, however, I may punch the next person that asks me to whistle Merry Christmas. That joke got old really quick. As I said before, it will all be fine and I’ve been making soup for a couple of days. I’m all set. 🙂

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