1. Oh I love the last picture of you! Well, I love the other pictures too, but it’s nice to see You again. This pie sounds fantastic. Nobody around me (except my American friends and relations) gets the appeal of “pumpkin pie”; I made a fancy one one year for friends, and they didn’t like it (they were polite, but I could tell)! I really love the crust you made, and that it is all naturally sweetened. As you know, my family is skipping Thanksgiving this year (parents are flying to NYC in a few days), but I feel like this year, more than ever, we should have made a point of gathering and being thankful together. Oh well, there is nothing preventing me from being thankful on my own… and yay to this space of yours, as it has allowed us to become friends!

    • I would love to have you here on Thanksgiving! We would make a lovely great and I think we especially have spent the year cultivating gratitude. That’s so funny about your friends being polite about the pumpkin pie. It does have a unique texture and the flavor too I guess. I just love it even if it’s distinctly American. We went to montauk this weekend, the furthest point east on long island and this was near the lighthouse. It’s fun to go when it’s cold and see the seals popping their heads up. Anyway, I’m grateful for our friendship and miss you too! Xo

  2. happy happy thanksgiving! hopefully you will not get rundown this season with all your frolicking. we are headed to louisville tomorrow morning, right into bluegrass country.

    i’m baking his gma’s chocolate shortbread cookie bars but i’m sure there’ll be a pumpkin pie too, though not friendly-to-me as this would be. <3

    • Thank you, Lan! Happy Thanksgiving to you too. With you in the kitchen doing the baking it’s bound to be a delicious Thanksgiving. Bluegrass country! Awesome. I’ve never been to Louisville, but it looks fun. Be well, don’t run yourself down either! xo

  3. This pumpkin pie looks fabulous! I love the idea of using dates in the crust–I have never tried that, but will have to try it soon!!! Your photos are so cozy and inviting–just like the good parts that you describe about this season. I am also thankful for our blogging community and our conversations about food and life. 🙂 I also like your image of fortifying yourself with a cloth of mindfulness and calm. I will need to try this as well. 🙂 I am hoping my yoga practice is helping with that too. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks, Jenny. Dates seem to be in my repertoire lately for sweetening things and adding texture. This is a lovely community, isn’t it? I’m glad you’re cultivating mindfulness during the hectic season as well. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo

  5. I´m with Darya, love the photo of you! Wonderfully warming furry Pudelmütze (that´s German for what you wear in that picture – love that word!). What you describe sounds so familiar – my husband and I used to do the whole back& forth family visiting tour over the Christmas holidays for years. Can be pretty exhausting… Hope you did enjoy your wonderfully flavored tart, I´m all about that wholesome crust! A bientôt, Amanda! Sabine.

    • Thank you, Sabine! I love that word now too :)) The running around is never easy and it becomes stressful, but I did enjoy some time with family and I’m looking forward to more as the season continues. I was thinking of you as I saw you have another lovely post out, which I will drop by to see later today. Pumpkin everything these days has been the story. I hope you are doing well. It’s always lovely to hear from you! A bientôt! Xoxo

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