1. This will surprise you – the only burgers I like are the veggie ones. I bet the black bean burger was excellent. I was going to order baked apple the other night, after bacalao a la llauna, but they had run out! I will have to content myself by imagining your version 🙂

    • That is surprising! Is it the texture you don’t like? A baked apple sounds good. I’m jealous of your Spanish adventures. Work is sending me back to mexico city for two weeks. I’ll drink carajillos for you.

      • I prefer meat to have a little chew. I’ll switch to burgers when my teeth drop out.
        I’ve been out twice today and am two carajillos up, but I’m going to bed relatively early for the wedding tomorrow morning. I’ll toast you with the next carajillo and look forward to reading about your Mexican adventure.

  2. This looks so wonderful! I never would have thought of using tofu this way, but I have to try this. I think my daughter would love this meal too. It is so festive, healthy, seasonal, and sounds so flavorful! You always go to the best places! Vermont in October! I miss living in the East. The color here is beautiful here as well. I had to laugh when I read that you are obsessing over cider doughnuts–me too! I think that’s why I made muffins with apples and cider in them! Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks, Jenny. Yes this is a keeper. That’s so funny, you and I really are of like mind in the kitchen. I bought a whole thing of cider doughnuts last night at a fair. I’m popping over to see your muffin recipe now. I can’t wait. xo

    • Gracias, Chica! My favorite part is the presentation. I just eat the “bowl” with everything in it. I hope you’re doing well and harvested some good tomatoes this summer!

  3. Maple kettle corn? I’m impressed you still have some a week later! I’ve been thinking about what to serve for our Halloween supper party and I think your stuffed pumpkins would be delicious and represent the season beautifully. Your photos are lovely! We are surrounded by apple orchards and cider doughnuts are big here. I like the idea of making baked ones, though, and may try your recipe with oat flour for a GF option. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • The kettle corn bag was huge. I want to come to your Halloween party!! You’ll love these. You can also do a bunch of mini pumpkins. Thanks for the compliment. I’d love to see if I can make a gf + v version of the doughnuts. Desserts are so hard to keep healthy. I think oat flour might work really well. I also want to try my gf all purpose mix on them. Enjoy!!

    • Pumpkin skin is edible. It’s not as easy to eat as say kabucha or delicata squash but it’s edible. What makes it better is putting the apple cider on it and letting it crisp up.

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