1. Yay! I loved your description of the marathon. Cold, rain, and early… I would proably have stayed in bed. So brave of you – and your dad, who must have been so cold standing there waiting for you to pass – to have gone through with it. It is wonderful that you enjoyed it so much. I glanced at some of your links, and those avocado toast recipes are all mouthwatering; I want them all, but unless I get the half-rotten Peruvian avocados that are currently sold at supermarkets, I’ll have to wait another month or two for French and Spanish avocado season. A good thing it’s a winter fruit, as it makes a perfect, satisfying mid-afternoon snack. Bulletproof coffee… ugh, I keep hearing about this new fad, especially since travelling to the US, but really, like any other food, it is all a matter of moderation and balance. Any food can eventually turn into poison if you have too much of it! Oh well… and those “self-limiting beliefs”… they are so ingrained in our minds! But you’ll move on when you’re ready; be kind and patient with yourself, but keep your eyes – and mind – open for change!

    • Thanks for such a beautiful comment. Interesting links right? I’m glad you can get some avocados more locally. I’m obsessed with them. I do agree with variety in diet. Bulletproof coffee…i’m a bit of purist when it comes to coffee anyway so…Thanks for the reminder about being patient with change. You’re one of the few people who I know who’ve ever been in my office! So funny. Be well! xoxo

  2. these photos are beautiful! and your description of the half marathon was great — it made me remember my first and … not really miss it. 🙂 around mile 7-8, i got hungry, mile 10 my feet hurt and then mile 12 i was practically bawling. i was so relieved to be done.

    • I hear you completely. I think I had the same experience. I was hungry then in pain. And I was so mad at the girl who I heard coming in behind me at the last minute that I ran the last mile as fast as the first one which damn near killed me, but no way girl. Just no. I went for a run yesterday and I was really slow. I’m not 100% sure why, but maybe because I took 11 days off for all these other activities. Cape Cod really is beautiful. I love that you’ve experienced some of these races. I have a whole new respect for marathoners now. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Congratulations on finishing your half marathon! That is so sweet of your dad to cheer you on, especially in the cold rain. 🙂 I love the beautiful photos in this post too. And I’m glad you are enjoying the sweet rewards of running and contemplating wellness and a meaningful life. Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks so much, Jenny. They all really do work together and it is nice to have some support along the way. I love that you contemplate the same things. 🙂 Be well!

  4. Well done – I knew you could do it!
    Your cousin’s wedding looks like a fabulous celebration – I’m going to a Catalan wedding next week in the Consejo de Ciento, followed by and afternoon reception and then another evening reception here: http://www.messynessychic.com/2014/12/16/the-hidden-feast-in-a-barcelona-factory-after-dark/
    It promises to be quite a feast, though it’s a bit dark for photography. I’m considering setting up a studio in the corner (no kidding).
    As someone who filmed and photographed everything as a teenager and onwards, I liked the Warhol like idea of life being a film. However, if one films everything, when does one get to watch it? As humans, the last century has been the first time where everything could be recorded, but I think we are getting to the point where less is definitely a lot more 🙂

    • Wow that reception is going to be off the hook! Thanks so much for the congrats. You should definitely set up the film or at least photograph using a faster lens. It’s so unique in that spot. I completely agree with you about being in an age where less is more. With facetime and social media it’s like there’s nothing that goes undocumented. It’s not natural. Nor does it seem very artistic. Weddings are fun. My favorite part is the cake (i know you don’t like cake, but it’s still my fave) and the booze. Enjoy, MD! PS. I emailed Jetpack and they said they were pushing out a fix to the wordpress response issue this week. I hope it works. I don’t know why the plugin stopped working either. I need to become more savvy.

      • Yes, I think the reception will be quite amazing. I did have some fantastic cake in Barcelona few years ago, where the cream was actually Mascarpone and it was the best cake I’ve ever tasted.
        Your response showed up in WP, so hopefully Jetpack have fixed it. The problem may be something dynamic in the code relative to a WP update. So Probably a conflict.
        Hasta pronto 🙂

  5. hold up hold up! Did your blog get a lil makeover recently? It’s look so sleek and modern, Amanda!!
    Ok but seriously, congratulations again on having run that half marathon, reading this I shared your happiness that your dad was there to witness you bring in an accomplishment like that, you go girl!!
    Great pictures from the wedding too, from the looks of it the weather was warm and accommodating 🙂
    looking forward to all the goodies you have coming our way, teasing us like this!
    <3 <3 <3

    • Thanks for your sweet comment. I think I’ve been slowly adjusting the site over time, adding code here and there, but I haven’t quite figured out how to get it to translate perfectly to portable devices. Thanks so much for your kudos about the race. So sweet. And the wedding for the weather was perfect. Have a great weekend! It’s always so great to hear from you. xoxo

      • Same here!!
        And if you’re a premium WP member or if you’ve managed to get all fancy and buy a Business WP plan, then you get free WP IT support to help you out, especially on the mobile view part.

        I’ve used them a number of times and every single one of their support staff is wonderful

        • Oh wow. I’m self-hosted now so I have to figure a lot of things out myself. There’s a serious learning curve, but a big community of people who have so much knowledge that are helpful if you have time and ability to read through it. It’s an adventure.

  6. Congratulations on the half marathon! Well done. I’m not a runner but I understand what you mean by meditative joy…I like that. And weddings on Cape Cod are my favorite – that’s where my husband and I got married! Such a magical, special spot. I’m looking forward to your fall recipes.

    • Thank you, Hannah! So cool that you got married there too! We got engaged there actually. I guess it’s just so beautiful it inspires romance. I’m looking forward to sharing the fall recipes and to reading all of your fall adventures too. Be well! xo

  7. Gosh I think I hadnt read this post yet! I was then so excited about you doing your half marathon, and so proud of you. Such a coincidence that you bumped into your old friends at the 11 mile mark.
    I had sort of stopped running -some life things got in the way- but am back at it now. Not doing any half marathons thank you, but just got some running gear that should equip me through the colder months (so I can’t use the “its too cold” excuse) and I’ve gone running a few times this week.
    Very interesting your links, especially re- coffee and I also often think we live in a matrix. I’m big on avo toast too. So funny, Mr H though I had invented avo toast (he obviously doesn’t live in the food blogging world) and was so disappointed when he accidentally came across it in the internet recently hahaha

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