1. I love the idea of a portable picnic mini-series! Very fitting for this time of year! The pate looks very delicious and very approachable–something one could throw together quickly, grab some crackers or bread, and head out the door. 🙂 How lucky that you got to spend the weekend in the Adirondacks! I looooove the call of the loon. I don’t get to hear it very often at all, but when I do, I know I am somewhere special and pristine. Wonderful images, both from the writing and from the photos! 🙂

    • Thank you Jenny! This is perfect for a busy person who needs to make time to make time…ie me. When I first heard the loon I thought it was wolves. I was ready to pack to the tent and head for a lodge. Now I know 😉 I was telling a friend about your blog the other day and how I admire all that you do. Xo

  2. That looks delicious – almost like a walnut tapenade. I just read a review of a new restaurant in Barcelona, where the emphasis is on vegetables. They haven’t removed meat or fish, but they have moved them to a supporting role. It did make me think of you, because I could see you making dishes like this and cleverly finding an umami taste to completely negate the need for beasts. Have a look – the food is beautiful:
    BTW – I just realised that WP has stopped notifying me when you reply to a comment – there may be nothing we can do about this, but I thought I should mention it in case it’s happening to others. In future I will be sure to check back the next day, when I leave reply.

    • I noticed this too! About other people’s blogs. I’ll look into it! So unfair! This restaurant!! That’s exactly what I’m trying to do! Thanks for the link. Such an astute person you are! I’ll look into the comment business.

        • I just tried to add a plug in that would notify users via when I respond in case they don’t get the wp notification. We’ll see if it works. If only I knew how to program!

          • Fingers crossed – what’s the plugin, I’ll have a look at it. It may just be a bug with the latest version of WP that they will fix sometime in the future, so worth flagging up to them.

            • It’s called “comment reply notification”. I’m not sure it’s working. If you get an email, then it is. This may be an update issue. I definitely have noticed it before. Have a good evening, MD!

                  • Hi Amanda, I got that first reply (after you’d installed the plugin) but nothing since. I believe the problem may lie with Jetpack. I’ve noticed the same problem on One Man’s Meat and he’s using Jetpack too. I did a search for notification problems and Jetpack and found others with similar issues. They were asked to contact Jetpack, so that’s probably what you should do. Hopefully they can help you resolve the issue 🙂

  3. Oh wow, look at that simple, flavorful recipe. I love how three ingredients and water can work wonders and deliciousness. A slice of rye bread and this on top would just make me so happy. Maybe I’ll have to make something similar, as I am going to a Lillean food blogger picnic next week, and want to surprise them with something both simple, quick, and unusual. I love the idea and the look of it! I actually saw a loon fishing at Crystal lake on my last day in the Catskills, and was extremely excited. I had never seen so much wildlife in my life before this trip. Amazing landscapes too! Glad you had a nice time in the Adirondacks.

    • Thank you, Darya. I’m so glad you got to see a loon and experience the draw of upstate. This and hummus would be great for your blogger picnic, but you also make incredible salads and that eggplant you’re tired of…and you have kiwis! I can’t wait too see what you make. Thanks for weighing in on the comments issue. I’ve had the same problem with other blogs recently. The plugin should work. I miss having you here! Enjoy the picnic.

    • Yes! I think in Georgia they add some sweeter ingredients too and some spices but I had a Georgian friend make something very similar for me in college. It’s as versatile as pate and aspic, etc. Nice to see you! Xo

  4. I agree, I love eating outside!!
    At the park, on a balcony, on my steps – just being outside makes me incredibly happy.
    This would have been a nice lil treat to the day party we had on Jimmys balcony on Labor Day.
    Nom nom nom!!

    • Thanks, Dana! I have a fire escape to eat on but my super said he’d call FDNY on me if he saw me in it. So I use the stoop when not in the mountains. Perfect balcony food though you’re right!!

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