1. Brilliant – I just bought a load of Kalamata olives in their oil and a jar of tahini on special offer. I haven’t made hummus for ages! It makes a surprisingly good filler in a toasted sandwich too. I think it even tastes good combined with steak or chicken.

    • Thanks, MD. It does make a good filler. I don’t know sky I don’t always have hummus on hand, but it’s starting to become a regular in these parts. Kalamata olives are my fave. I always always have those. I put them in salads and use them in recipes (see next week).,I hope you’re well. It’s always so good to hear from you.

  2. Yes September has crept up behind me way too soon too. Oh I’ve been saying I have to make humus since forever. Now I don’t have any excuses as now I have a great recipe to follow! xx

    • I really am not believing it. Scary how time flies. Resistance is futile so wet may as well embrace. At least it won’t be so humid when running. The hummus has become a staple. I keep ordering it when out and thought, why don’t I have any in the house?! Now I do! Xo

  3. One of the most delicious things to have, and so very versatile indeed , and yes – September! Best time of the year! Hope those runs won´t get too exhausting, you don´t say it but it sounds like one tough schedule to me. Brave girl, wow. Sounds great to go watch some tennis matches , I imagine even more so when you were (are?) an active player. Have a great weekend yourself!

  4. Homemade hummus is the best! I loce that you are adding spices in there, just a sprinkle of this and that, and your tahini becomes your own inique creation. If that’s not what you are doing already, you should keep the cooking liquid and use that for thinning out your hummus… more flavor! Have a great Labor day weekend. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. So happy we got to share so many amazing meals and time together! This was so much fun.

    • Homemade hummus is the best. Spices always make it good. I like the idea of the cooking liquid rather than water. I store the beans in the liquid now, but now I’ll use it too. Time did fly but I was thinking about our levain bakery run and how far away le bernadin seemed. At least you enjoyed your time. It’s been amazing getting to know you!!!

  5. I agree–homemade hummus is the best. Thank you for the reminder, and this is the perfect time of year for it, with it being great picnic weather! Those books you mentioned sound really interesting–I will be interested to know what you think of them. I love what you said about when you change your focus, the world and those around you change as well. Very true. It can be difficult, but also rewarding. Hope you have a great weekend, and good luck with the running!

  6. I’ve just had more picnics this month than I’ve probably had in years combined! My favorite thing about visiting Europe was just how RELAXED everyone is when it’s a day out–they take every chance they can to just make a picnic day out of every day possible. And we brought hummus along with us on every single trip, so I’m super stoked to suggest making our own next time!!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment. I totally agree about Europe and the way they relax. We could learn a thing or two about that here. Hummus is one of those thing that is just as easy to make as it is to buy so when I have the time, this is the go to. So glad you’ve been enjoying the outside. It’s crucial! Xo

  7. How is it September? So true. I need two of me to get through the weeks. One to do the work and the other to have some fun. Or I need to be twenty years younger all over again – to have time stretch out in front of me as it once did.
    I love the idea of a creamy, garlicky, babaganoush and hummus mixed together. There are times when I live on hummus. And then I forget about it again for a bit. I’m happy for the reminder and your stunningly gorgeous photographs. Such a talent. xox

    • Thanks, Lindy. It’s so great to hear from you, always. I think it’s all about living in the moment these days and self-preservation. These plant-based recipes are part of the plan. I’m glad you’re hard at both work and play. It sounds about right. Be well! xoxo

  8. Just lovely, Amanda! Yet again, I’m catching up and appreciating all you share. Hummus is indeed a perfect food to keep on hand and indulge in. Lately I’ve been smothering it with cooked, seasoned ground beef and chopped cucumbers, herbs and tomatoes…kind of an all-in-one dinner. I like your point about changing your focus and the world changing around you. And yes, you do end up alone and then great growth occurs. Your book suggestions sound terrific, particularly Tribe (although the link is to the other one :)) and I’ll be curious to hear how you like them. Maybe you’ve already shared and I just need to keep reading!

    • Thank you, Hanna. And I just fixed the link. I liked Jurek’s book a lot, and I liked the Tribe book a little less, but it was still an important read and interesting. I’ve been very interested in the role of community lately. That hummus you make sounds incredible. Thanks for dropping by and be well! xo

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