1. Ooh that looks and sounds so fresh and delicious! I have a few gadgets but have to say I use most of them (apart from the juicer…such a messy thing and it uses soooo much fruit and veg for so little juice). Don’t have a spiralizer though and I am beginning to think I need one!

    • Thanks, Chica. I’m glad to hear you use your gadgets. That’s one of the reasons for the blender, im hoping it helps solve the juicer issue. As for this spiralizer, I think it’s a keeper. We’ll see how it goes. So much fun playing with gadgets! Hope you’re well! Xo

  2. Looks like a delicious veggie dish. Great goal incorporating more plants into your diet.
    The trouble with lots of gadgets is the space they take up and, when you put them away, you often forget you have them. If it fits on the counter without making it look cluttered, you are “ahead of the game”.

    • You’re so right, Jovina. I’m keeping these two in my eyesight so I remember they’re an option. Very excited about the veg kick. So great to hear from you! Xo

  3. Oh you’re using it already, wonderful! This sounds fantastic, I love the miso dressing and the elegance and simplicity of this dish. Makes me want to get my own spiralizer!

    • I was so excited about my new purchases I couldn’t wait. Now I want to spiralize everything. I made my first smoothie this morning too. Apparently I’m late to the game. Smoothies and smoothie bowls are a thing. Better late than never!

      • I am not sure how I feel about the smoothie bowl fad… smoothie eaten with a spoon seems weird to me! But I love smoothies and have them very often at home… the possibilities are endless, you are going to have so much fun!!!

  4. Great dish, immediately on my how to cope with the zucchini glut list. I have to own up about being a gadget person – only useful one’s of course – and glad to have a spiralizer lurking in my larder to bathe another veg in miso-tahini sauce and to add cashews on top – my kind of heaven. P.S, I am glad that it’s a fast dish too!
    Hope you are doing well, too, your nutrition shift sounds like it.
    N xxx

    • Thanks, Niciole! Fast is key for you these days and you should definitely use this for your surplus! It’s shocking how good it is, given the simplicity. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your new demanding family members and I hope you’re doing very well! xo

  5. Debra Horowitz

    I couldn’t believe that I found zucchini already cut up into spaghetti strips in the store produce section. I didn’t know what to do with it so I stir fried it and then added some soy sauce. Just before serving I topped it off with toasted sesame oil. Voila! Your father and I loved it! Just another way to prepare this! I also like to use zucchini in thick strips like lasagna noodles and use those strips to replace the noodles for a lasagna.

    • I saw the zoodles at Whole Foods too. But i’m not sure if they’ll do it year round with all the vegetables I want. Your recipe sounds delicious too. I’ll have to try it. Glad you liked it! I love your zucchini lasagna noodles. I saw those in the store too, but they’re just as easy to cut. I’ll make a lasagna recipe with my vegan cheese so you can try an alternative to the fat free dairy one. I think you’ll love it! Thanks for the comment : )

  6. Oh yaayyyyy, Amanda!!! Wooohoooooooo!!!
    Girl, I don’t event own a spirializer, look at you go! Feels good as hell to have that blender though right?
    Although I must say I find myself using my immersion blender more than the big one because I haaaate doing dishes, haha!!
    I’m tickled pink at how creative your treating food this summer, kudos woman, kudos!

    • I love your comments, Dana! I would use the immersion blender for soup probably, but this for everything else. This blender is just… well it’s just. The spiralizer keeps it fun. I can’t wait to do a beet. Happy bday!!! Xi

  7. i almost purchased a spiralizer this morning — it’s all the rage! but i held my stance, because i can’t think of anything in my kitchen to purge to make room for another toy.

    i am a big fan of tahini + miso, it gives such a great flavor to any dish.

    • I’ll let you know if you’re missing out. I feel the need to spiralize everything now. But yes, that miso tahini combo is killer. I can’t get enough of it!

  8. Wow, I love the sound of that toast imprinter! I have a few gadgets, but they include an ancient Kenwood Chef (which is a fantastic workhorse) from the early 60s and an ice cream machine that I have never used (I can never find room in the freezer to freeze the drum). I don’t have a spiralizer yet, but a vegetarian friend makes sure I’m not missing out. Spiralized zucchini is one of my favourites 🙂

    • Ohhh nice gadgets! I never thought about the drum being too big for the freezer. I’d have the same issue. I think spiralized zucchini is the best, but I can’t wait to try it on everything else! Have a great weekend!

      • Ha ha – the freezer is quite big, but the trouble is I keep putting more food in it. I have been thinking about clearing space for the drum though, because it’s the perfect time of year to freeze gazpacho like sorbet. I hope you have a great weekend too!

  9. Oh my, this meal sounds so good! I love the miso-tahini combination. Once again you have inspired me to try new recipes. 🙂 I have to admit I have a spiralizer that I have been meaning to use, but have not used yet….but this recipe looks accessible and absolutely delicious! (Not to mention healthy!) Hope your summer is continuing to go well. 🙂

    • Thank you, Jenny! I want to talk more about the thrive cookbook with you. I can’t wait to use this on carrots, squash and beets too. I imagine there are a million ways to dress this up but the miso tahini is classic. You’ll love this. Something about the ginger in the sauce makes the whole deal for me. Have a great weekend!

  10. It looks like a super delicious combination of great flavors! A plant based diet has also made me a bit more inventive in my meals. I’m starting to think my next kitchen tool will be a spiralizer.

  11. Are the plants INSIDE your kitchen? I tried growing herbs in my kitchen next to the window and they died I can only have them outside. Someone told me it’s probably because of the fumes from coking. Anyway such a coincidence the other day I made a salad with… CASHEWS! The first time I cooked with cashews. It was delicious. It was a list minute thought to throw them in, then to toast them first… then I though oh while I’m at it, why dont I add a touch of sugar and caramelize them on the stove. So good, you should give it a try!

    • Oh I’ll definitely try the sugar version. I have only recently rediscovered cashews. My grandma used to bring then over when we were little as a snack and I didn’t get it. Why not candy? Oh but she was ahead of her time. I have no plants in my kitchen. Anything I want to grow has to be on the window in my bedroom. It’s where I take all my photos and the only room that gets light!

  12. Hello Amanda – reading this from Quebec with a strong coffee in one hand and a chocolate croissant in the other. So love your references to your father and his love affair with infomercials and kitchen gadgets. How I wish I could find a toaster that imprints “I love you” into a heart on my morning toast. Such happiness! I once stayed in a small inn in Stowe with a toaster that stamped a peace sign on my toast and it made me smile every morning.
    Oooh and I’m a tad jealous of your professional grade blender and spiralizer. What a great way to add new life to the kitchen. Like everyone, I’ve been looking at spiralizers longingly for months but haven’t moved from admiration into full blown action yet.
    This is a beautiful dish you’ve put together here – all the textures and such an array of flavour – especially in the miso-tahini dressing. I love and applaud the move to a more plant-based diet – am doing this myself too – though apparently I still love the odd carb loading fest especially when confronted with chocolate croissants! ♥♥

    • Hi Lindy! What a beautiful comment. I love Quebec and croissants and give just evoked such a perfect image. I’m glad I could be a part of it through the internet. I just made this again last night as a side dish and it was so quick. I did it with beets and zucchini. I definitely think these purchases are helpful for being more creative. I live the peace sign imprint! hope you’re enjoying your summer! Xo

  13. Welcome to the club, Debi! I bought my spiralizer last fall and love it! I had a number of posts scheduled but recent events have thrown m schedule into disarray. They’ll keep. Will definitely give this recipe a try. Your miso-tahini dressing sounds delicious!

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