1. It’s so great to have a kindred spirit to shop and cook with – I wish I could do that all day long.
    You’ve got a very interesting looking salad bowl there… 😉

    • It’s a very rare thing to actually be able to cook and walk around with a kindred spirit. You’re right, MD. It’s funny you mention the bowl because Darya asked me if I had other bowls and pans. I do but I had put them all away to make space so we did the best we could 😉 do you have any trips to Spain planned this summer?

      • I probably won’t be in Spain until the fall, though I have just had the most amazing foodie weekend. I helped out for two days at the Soho Food Feast, where top London restaurants sell small portions of their best dishes in aid of a local school. It’s a bit like a small village fête but in central London. I’ve blogged it 3 times before and was a bit too busy for that this year. The best food I tasted was gnocchi in cheese sauce with masses of shaved truffle, an old fashioned steamed pudding containing lamb and kidneys, octopus with allioli, coq au vin and a Thai soup that made my throat numb. There was a stage set up for a band, post food on Sunday and when local Suggs (Madness) turned up I expected Baggy Trousers, however his band turned out to be Roxy Music (minus Bryan Ferry), so the music was quite a mixture of great songs.
        On Monday I went to the annual trade drinks show, where the show stoppers (for me) were Butcher’s Gin, tasting quite meaty and Lobstar Marine Gin made with real lobster!

  2. Aw Amanda, thank you so much for this beautiful post. I loved going to the market and grocery shopping, and just improvising this salad with you. It was a lovely day. We should do it again!
    I came to the city for one crazy day yesterday, I ate and drank and ate and drank all day. It was tons of fun but soooo hot. Now it’s back to the Catskills for another week of cooking! See you soon!

    • Wow that’s a lot. I’m actually in DC till tonight so I would have missed you anyway. Glad you enjoyed and had good cocktails. I hate summer in the cities. It really gets very hot and I long for upstate. We’ll definitely do this again! Xo

      • I’m glad I didn’t miss you then. I came with my cook-friend, and we just wanted to try so many things, it was terrible. I’ll definitely be back again soon (not next week though), and let you know. I need to think of a recipe we could blog together, but I must admit that these days I’ve mostly been thinking about the restaurant menus! See you soon.

        • Darya je m’en vais a Lille cette prochaine semaine. Tu me manquerás lá! Mais ton voyage c’est fantastique et la prochain fois tu me peut dire tout. And my written French must be atrocious lol.

          • Oh Sofia, I am sorry I’ll miss you in Lille. I hope you get nice weather and have a fun time with H’s family. Your French is not atrocious, and writing is good practise! See you soon-ish, maybe over the Christmas holidays! Bises

    • Thanks, Cornelia. I’ve been experimenting with more plant based recipes lately and really enjoying the process. There should be more great stuff to come.

  3. Yes I find Darya to be very curious, and thus extremely knowledgeable about food! I’m not a green salad person usually, but this looks amazing. I’m a chickpea and nut “salad” person so this is perfect, and the nasturtiums and peppery taste sound great. Have a fantastic weekend.

    • I completely agree with you on all points. Ever since this salad I’ve been over night soaking chickpeas and trying to find things to make with them. It’s a new found love. Thanks for your messages in both languages 😉 you’ll have to leave a Spanish one soon too ! Have a great weekend xo

        • Great ideas. Thanks! I actually didn’t use a ton of chickpeas before because I hated them growing up. Now I love them. Funny how that works.

  4. Just look at the salad that you two created! I know it’s cliché but it really is a feast for the eyes. Love seeing al of the components together and your simple vinaigrette allows their individual flavors to stand out. Love it!

  5. This sounds (and looks) like a really lovely salad! I like to use chickpeas for some great protein, so I love that you added them in here. And cashews – hello, they’re good in and on everything. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Rachel. I’ve been making this salad all week now and it’s so satisfying. I’m always looking for new ways to use chickpeas and cashews. It’s a fun experiment. Be well!

  6. How wonderful! The primal bonding experience – foraging in the market together before working together and then talking and eating into the fading light. So fun to see Darya in your kitchen. Such a beautiful and straightforward salad too. Love the first shot of Darya photographing the salad in the window. ♥

    • Thanks, Lindy! She’s the first person I met in person from the blog world. It’s been nice to have her near during the summer. A change up. I make a similar salad every night now. She has so much kitchen knowledge!

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