1. This cheesecake sounds wonderful! I am normally not a fan of cheesecake because it is too rich for me, but one with cashews? Sounds like I want to try this! (I love cashews.) And the crust, I can imagine is deep in flavor too. Your adventures into new ways of cooking/baking are very inspirational to me! Glad you had a great visit with your friend! Happy Summer to you!

    • Thanks, Jenny for letting me know that you’re enjoying the journey. Heart-healthy does not mean tasteless. I grew up in the 90s of fat free snacks that were full of bad stuff and not whole foods. I don’t think we as a culture really understood how good eating looks. Even my husband who had a lot of allergies growing up (today just the potatoes really) had trouble finding health food stores, usually run by hippies to get healthy alternatives. You may like this cheesecake, but I must warn it still is rich. It tastes so much like the real deal you may not like it 🙂 Definitely worth a shot! Happy summer to you too!

  2. Aw you are so kind! I loved spending time with you, it was fun, beautiful, and delicious. I had the best time I could possibly wish for. I’ll let you know when I’m back in the city so we can meet again.
    The cheesecake is wonderful. I love that you are experimenting and tasting new things, and that Alex is enjoying this adventure too.

    • The feeling is mutual! I’m so glad. Good luck with the restaurant. Your seasonal cherries look like they’ll make the perfect compliment to a duck. Thanks for all of your advice. I cut up the nasturtium stems and put them in a salad and added mustard to the dressing. Alex didn’t even notice!

  3. Awww yaaayyyyyy!!!
    I’m SO freaking happy you two got to connect in person, how cool is that!!!??!!
    And what a great way to celebrate Amanda, with this 100% guilt freaking free cheesecake!
    this whole post just made my day, I love seeing bloggers get together and make magic 😀

    • Thanks, Dana! I love that too. I haven’t actually met any other bloggers in person and this was so unexpected. I’m so glad you love this cake as much as I do. There’s something pretty cool about discovering new ways of eating, guilt free. I imagine cooking with you would be off the hook! Thanks so much for being so supportive and spreading your style and swag over this here blog 🙂 Enjoy your 4th weekend! I’m glad to have a day off!

  4. Sounds so cool, Amanda. I´ve never made an non-cheese cheese cake, but you made me curious. I really love the crust, too, dates and almonds are just wonderful together. Plus you made the perfect 4th of July cake in terms of color, I just realized that staring at the lovely photos. (yes, my brain is that fast ;-))
    So great to read how you and Darya had an instant connection – or not so instant if you count online communication 😉 – showing her New York during a weekend must have been quite a trip for the both of you .
    Sabine xxx

    • This is my first one and it’s fabulous. The key is blending the nuts well. I actually didn’t even realize I made flag colors! It was subliminal! The crust is really delicious too. I’m pretty impressed with this whole deal. As for Darya, I am so grateful that she included a visit to me in her visit to NY. It was really special and a testament that online is real life too. 🙂 Be well!

  5. You had me on tangy and then cheesecake plus raspberries which are my favourite fruit. I’m quite intrigued by cheesecake without cheese – how weirdly interesting 🙂

    • You would like this, MD! It’s not too sweet and it has a rich texture. My favorite is raspberries too! This may be just enough if the beaten path for your liking 😉 I hope you’re doing well. Always a joy to see you.

  6. What! A cheeseless nutty cheesecake? I want to try too. I’m so glad you got to meet Darya, yes she’s so cool. I’m going to be missing her this summer as I go to her area but she’s over at your area! xx

    • I think you’d like this, Sofia! It’s really good. Darya and i had fun! We even discussed your post about chickpeas and did the experiment ourselves to put in a salad. Thanks for letting me have her for a summer 😉

  7. I’m so very far behind reading posts and have resorted to deleting some in an effort to get back on track. This post, however, was a “MUST read”, Amanda. Not only did I pin the recipe but I’m considering cleaning this place so that I can prepare and serve your cheesecake to dinner guests. It’s that good! 🙂

  8. My wonderful, unbearably sweet, kind, generous, beautiful eldest daughter (who just finished her medical residency) has a birthday coming up and she is SO allergic to dairy. This is the perfect cake for her. Before she became so terribly allergic to dairy – she loved cheesecake. I cannot wait to make this for her. Thank you Amanda! ♥
    And btw – I share your husband’s nightshade allergy, only for me it is bell peppers which I can’t tolerate – and it’s the same – even if they are touching something else in a dish I cannot touch the dish.

    • Wow! Congratulations on your daughter’s residency. That’s a huge accomplishment. This cake is soooo good and she won’t know the difference. I’ve got an array of dairy free cheeses I’ve been making. I’ll share them soon, as my mom asked about them too. My bday is tomorrow! I haven’t really said anything to anyone. I’m making a bday pie for myself today. If it’s good I’ll post it tomorrow! Thanks so much for spending time on the blog. It’s really touching.

  9. I’m catching up now on some of your posts I missed and enjoying your healthy-yet-delicious journey. I’ve made nut cheese once for a vegan lasagna (also cashew based) and was amazed at the results. I really like your nut crust here and am a big fan of cheesecake, so I want to try this lovely one. It’s so cool that you met a blogging friend in person! It sounds like you had loads of fun. 🙂

    • So glad you’re catching up. Thank you, Hannah. I hope you’re well. This cheesecake was phenomenal. I can’t believe it wasn’t real cheese. I’ve been experimenting with cheese sauces, etc and it’s kind of amazing how close these things come to the real thing! Enjoy the summer!

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