1. This crumble looks delicious! I love that you used honey and maple syrup instead of sugar. I definitely want to try this. As you know, I love strawberry rhubarb crisp, and like to try different versions! I also enjoyed your photos and story of your adventure! Sounds like good quality time with your husband, making memories together, which is priceless. 🙂

    • Thank you, Jenny. I’ve been trying to create healthier desserts, lower in processed foods and sugars, and lower in triglycerides. It’s kind of amazing how nature on it’s own or with a little heat takes care of flavor. This is really good! You’re so right about priceless memories. Road trips are so fun and for some reason, maybe because it was so unique, that thunderstorm out of nowhere was really a fun time, once we got out of immediate danger. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. oh what an adventure! and though i left many years ago, i still consider va country has the most beautiful scenes. i went to school in southern va and that stretch of 81 and views of the blue ridge mountains gets me every.single.time.
    i am so incredibly envious that you dined at Husk. i have a major crush on sean brock.
    currently on Whole30 but i really like the idea of a GF fruit crumble when i make it out on the other side of this diet.

    • It was an adventure. I feel like we almost brushed shoulders with you and with Michelle from Gourmandistan. We were actually in Husk on the same afternoon (as per instagram). But mostly the goal was to just eat and drink and enjoy. I get chef crushes all the time. The food there was good though my stomach was not used to that kind of indulgence. I grew up in a house where all the men in my family have coronary artery disease so frying, oil, fat, meat, etc were just not a part of my world. I can get used to that kind of richness though. I just looked up Whole30. Is it basically fish, poultry and veggies? You’ll have to let me know what you think. Also, thanks for the book recs. I just started reading the Goldfinch, which is like 750 pages. I’m at 300 and hoping my schedule allows for a big push to the other side. Totally worth it. Have a great weekend! xo. Love your Insta feed.

    • Thanks, Jovina. I’ve been so behind these days but it’s so good to hear from you. We didn’t quite make it into Florida. It was so good to get away. I thought of you when I made this because the only dish to rival this is your amazing pie recipe. Hope all is good in your neck of the woods.

  3. Quite an adventure ! I´m a bit disappointed though as I would have loved to see that bull 😉 But I understand he might not have been up for a little digital portraiture that day…
    Strawberry rhubarb anything sound just great, and with a very creative crust even more so, Amanda. Stay away from the storms next time, and have a great weekend! Sabine

  4. What a fantastic crust – I’m completely addicted to roasted almonds, so that tart is for me.
    Shame there were no pigs in the farm building, but you might have been less welcome if there had been …and perhaps Leatherface might have shown up! Your hotel looks beautiful – no doubt you’ve had a fantastic holiday.
    It’s been raining all afternoon here and I’ve been going stir crazy. The sun’s out now though, so I’m off out for a bike ride…

    • I’m so glad you like the crust. It’s really flavorful. I did see pigs along the ride. The animals eye pretty friendly save for the bull. There hotel was an Airbnb so it was someone’s extra home. Loved it. I hope you have a lovely bike ride. Late spring weather is unpredictable! Be well!

  5. That big white thing in the middle of the countryside alarmed me at first until I realised it must be a greenhouse… Sounds like a great adventure and escape. Your tart looks fantastic. I would probably make it with strawberries sans rhubarb as fresh rhubarb (i.e. the dried tea version) is quite impossible to find here. xx

    • I almost think it would be better with strawberries alone! Rhubarb tea?! I’ve never seen it. The getaway was much needed. Glad you’re still keeping up with your sneakers! Always great to hear from you 😉

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