1. I like oat flour, especially in pancakes (my only recipe on the blog for pancakes has oat flour, but it is quite different from yours otherwise)! I remember enjoying pancakes that were both light and satisfying at the same time. And I love using yogurt in batters and doughs (I am hopefully going to be exploring home-made kefir some time soon)! How nice to see you are enjoying your food explorations, and getting more motivated about writing and blogging too. Like you, I wish there were more hours in a day, so I could do more (whether I actually would do more is another question). Can’t wait to see what other recipes you have in store for us!

    • Thanks, Darya. You’re always so encouraging especially when I really needed it. I’ll have to check out your pancake recipe. I hope your move went well. It looks like you’ve been eating well despite the move from your Instagram. Yum! Experimenting is fun even with no time. That kefir will be so good! Can’t wait to see you!

      • We’re moving on Sunday! I was in Paris for a few days – got home yesterday, so I wanted to get ahead of schedule on packing, instead of being late after I got back and feeling nervous about it. Almost everything is ready for the move now, even the boring administrative stuff, like changing all our billing addresses and getting electricity and hot water. The food has been weird though; lots of pasta with random leftovers, and crazy stuff from the freezer (the quails were easy to deal with, but I still have a mountain of parboiled CARDOONS I must find a way of preparing… and Pierre hates them).
        I enjoyed how you described playing tennis with your husband, Pierre and I never did any kind of sports together, and I don’t think he ever plans on joining me, but we tried playing chess together, and I was horrible both at losing, and winning; so we never really enjoyed it. Maybe finding a common “enemy” could be a solution…

        • Very smart to get ahead of the packing. Yes, you just named the worst parts about moving. I had to look up what a cardoon was. It looks like these would be great in pasta or a salad, maybe pickled. I find your chess story amusing. I lose almost every time at chess and it’s upsetting. I’ve also been known to fling the monopoly board across the room because Alex drives such a ridiculously hard bargain. I call him a slum lord. I think it’s best to not compete outright like that !

  2. yum yum yum! And especially love the video – fun to see the pancakes disappear 🙂 Your story of playing tennis with your husband cracks me up. My husband and I used to jog together, but it’s all about tag teaming with the kiddos so we’ve lost that. To me, working out is best done at a person’s own pace, which may or may not be the pace of a spouse. Though I suppose if they push you to try harder or vice versa. ??? Such ponderings here 😀

    Put up another of Great-aunt Helen’s recipes last week. Finally back in the game. So glad to see you are stiller here as your blog is just plain lovely.

    • So great to see you here, Liz. Thanks for reading and for your compliments. That’s cool that you used to jog together, but I agree, what I value most about my workout time is that it’s alone time. It’s all about me, which is something very special. You need time apart to grow. I am so excited to see the Aunt Helen recipe! There is something so comforting about your Aunt Helen recipes. I love that you’re making and sharing them. I’ll pop over in a few to see what you’re up to. So glad you’re back. Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Lovely recipe and will be great when my gluten intolerant God daughters come to visit. Big Man and I have discovered that sport is not for us, but we work like a well oiled machine (or two man team!) on our house renovations ?

    • Thanks, Chica! This would be a great recipe for that. I’ve been looking to try other flours that might lower my husband’s triglycerides and this really is a great alternative. I think house renovations is a great team effort. There’s not a lot to compete with there, just working together for a greater cause. That’s a great idea instead of sport. 🙂 Be well!

  4. Your pancakes look amazing Amanda! I make pancakes sometimes and never bother try to make photos of them, but you’re reminding me I want some soon 🙂 Nice links. Mr H and I often go swimming and jogging together so that is already enough for me. He does more things: gym, surfing, whatnot, but what I do is fine for me. By the way I’m improving my jogging again! Lets hope it continues! I also DO think of what you said, it empowers you. xx

    • I make so many versions of pancakes, waffles and scones, and even fish that I never take photos of because it’s my “spare time” but this recipe was so good I actually made it again on a weekday just to photograph and share. I’m so glad you’re jogging again. I take this one weights class that I think my husband would love, but he doesn’t like gyms. He’s more of a tennis, biking, hiking, outdoor activity person. Anything we do together we get competitive. I’m glad that you remember that. I think about the empowerment factor all the time and how the root of my strength (inner and actual) is often found in the workouts.I hope you’re still loving your sneakers! Thanks for dropping by! I loved your carrot cake by the way, but had trouble commenting on your post. And i missed the infamous typo though I read your last update too! I’m tempted to go back to see it.

    • Oh my goodness! I’ve been obsessing. I should probably leave a message comments how much I truly enjoy your conversations! I left a note last week in the minimalist baker convo but I’ve listened to so many since then and really fallen for your style.

  5. I am so very hungry now…I watched your video a few times and my stomach started rumbling. Nicely done! I understand about not enough time in the day. When I ideally think of all I’d like to accomplish/enjoy each day I always need to add a few hours. And I do think spring brings inspiration. You do, as well! I will be making a batch of these pancakes immediately (perhaps dinner tonight!).

    • I love hearing from you, Hannah! Thanks for your thoughts on the video. It is mesmerizing. It’s so great to hear you feel the same way about time. It’s a testament to your interests and desire to grow and live life well. I hope you love these. You inspire me too. Thanks so much for saying that. Be well!! Xo

    • Thanks, Sheryl! That’s the goal here. I’ve been looking for delicious and healthy. Alternate grains seem to be a good start. Be well!

  6. Now this made me laugh out loud at my computer. How wonderful that you play at Flushing too! Where did you grow up Amanda and did you play as a junior? In college at all? Do you play with others regularly (meaning, once a month or week) or just your husband? How I would love to hit the U.S. Open some day and meet up with you!!! I’ve been to Wimbledon but not the U.S. or French. I never ever play with my husband any more and we actually used to play doubles at the very tony club where I grew up playing but then it all just got crazy. My parents tell the story of playing Yahtzee with me when I was 3 and having to let me win because of that sore loser factor. I so understand. Delightful to have this connection to you! Thank you for the other links too, I always like to know what my friends are reading, rummaging through and thinking about. I love the video speed thing here whatever it is called. cheers friend!

    • Haha thanks for stopping by. So glad my tennis battles make you laugh. It’s amazing how good you were! We don’t live too far from Flushing so that’s where we play when we can and took our lessons. I grew up in upstate NY and I learned in high school (way too late to be great). Neither my husband or me played juniors, but we did play intramural in college. You were way more advanced than we ever were. But as we get older we become more obsessed. We go to the Open every year (well at least since we’ve been working and not buried under student debt). I’d love to go to the French too!!! I’m watching right now. Lol re “it getting all crazy” which is why you don’t play. I get it. Hilarious about Yatzee! I’ve been known to demolish the Monopoly board (and I was like 29, not 3 when I did it). I knew from your picture that you must have been really good because you weren’t hitting with a racquet. I do this one exercise where I’m sitting on a cone and get up to hit a ball. It’s awful. When I was younger I hated exercises like this. Now I’m a monster, especially if my husband is competing. Very cool connection. Thanks for the compliments on the links and vid too 🙂 Talk soon!

      • Wait, not sure what you mean weren’t hitting with a racquet, do you mean without a court? I was hitting with a racquet on a backboard. Chris Evert autograph racquet to be exact. The French women’s final was so enjoyable this year. !! Adios . . .

        • Ahh yes I saw that when I looked more closely. Some ppl hit with smaller racquets on purpose to gain more control. I had the McEnroe classic 😉

  7. Oh dear. How fabulous. Laughed right out loud about your being such a sore loser! So funny Amanda. Love your honesty. I’ll stick to riding my bike and running and yoga and it’s hard to lose at those things – though I’m sure I am losing at them anyway. I’m the youngest so I was always losing. And I come from a whole long line of sore losers. My elderly mother once told my youngest daughter that she had, “purposefully let her win at scrabble.” At which point – I had to tell my mother that if in fact – that were true – she had just ruined it by saying so. My daughter was 8 years old at the time and had obviously won the scrabble game, fair and square.
    Love the pancakes and the photos and the video. I have all the ingredients on hand and will give these a whirl this weekend. I love cooking up a little taste of your NYC kitchen in my Kingston kitchen – the ties that bind. Sending love. ♡♡♡

    • Lmao that is hilarious. Your mom is a character! I saw your new pay and have to get to it this afternoon! Was so happy to see you on the kitchen. Thanks for your kind and loving words. They always mean so much from you. More soon! Be well!

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