1. Life, for all of its randomness, does seem to flow in cycles. Sounds like your due for a calm spell, Amanda.
    This recipe has my name — or my slow-cooker’s — all over it. I’ve been contemplating cooking a chicken this way but never tried. I will now, though, If a recipe comes from Mom, especially a good cook’s Mom, it’s got to be good. Thanks to the both of you! 🙂

    • Thanks, John. You’re right. I was actually telling my friends the other night that usually before a really good period there’s a dark period or a dark period follows a really really good period. It’s cyclical, which is a strange comfort. As for this recipe you should definitely try it! I was a resistant user of a slow cooker, because I like the process of cooking, but you really can’t beat this. My mom has taken to using this for Thanksgiving. Up until my sister bought us both slow cookers last year my mom and I had no idea. Now we’ve been experimenting and I can’t believe I resisted. My mom makes a mean lasagna in this thing! It sounds like blasphemy until you try it! Be well, John.

  2. This sounds quite delicious, Amanda. I don’t own a slow-cooker, but I bet one can adapt this to a cast iron pot. I can imagine all those herbs and ingredients cooking for hours and hours making your flat smell totally amazing; the smell alone must have been comforting. I know how food and cooking can be soothing, and I am not surprised you went for a recipe from your mom’s at such a time as this one. I hope a really, really good period follows this dark one!!!

    • Thanks so much, Darya. Chicken really does wonders for some reason. I can feel good things right around the corner. And life is such that you have to take the good with the bad and the untimely, which is what makes it exciting and helps you appreciate all the good and unexpected as well. A slow cooker is basically a cast iron pot at very low heat so you could approximate an all day chicken this way. It does make the place smell soooo good! xo

    • Thanks, Lan. It’s been a tough week, but I’m definitely being more mindful and appreciating the joys that life brings too. The weather is seriously still so darn cold!! I’m thinking of going back to that won ton soup!

  3. It’s so true though, when you say “I seem to be consistently learning the lesson that life is unpredictable and that every day is not a guarantee”. You can never hear it enough coming from other people until you go through it yourself. And still, it seems to be a lesson that keeps coming back like you forgot all about it. Strange how that works.

    • Thanks for such a thoughtful comment, Fernando. It really is true. I think we have to forget the lesson or no one would do anything ever. But it’s nice to be able to lose yourself in a good recipe or have passion for things in life because for me passion is the opposite of death.

  4. My thoughts are with you, Amanda. Your writing is so lovely, as always. It is so true that we cannot rush the process of dealing with the effects of life and death. You are so right that there are no shortcuts. But good comfort food does do wonders. This chicken sounds like the perfect comfort, especially if it is coming from your mother’s kitchen. 🙂 Take care. xoxox

    • Thank you so much, Jenny. I always appreciate your kind words. Comfort food serves as a reminder to me that life has so much meaning. It’s reason alone to to keep on trucking. Be well. xo

  5. Thinking about you, Amanda. As it is so hard to find the right words, I think a comforting dish like roast (or slow-cooked) chicken speaks volumes and embraces with warm hugs when needed.
    Nicole xx

    • Thank you for always being so kind, Nicole. I know what you mean. It’s funny, people give birth and people pass every day and yet it’s the most striking thing. I think because there’s something other-wordly about it. I hope you’re doing well. xo

  6. That looks delicious and perfect if it’s still cold in New York. I feel a bit guilty, as there’s lots of sunshine here and it’s about 20º C…

  7. I love your take on how when life happens around us, sometimes in a daunting way, we have to remember to nourish ourselves. I will remember your words Amanda. What a gorgeous chicken. I do like making a roast chicken on Sundays sometimes though I must admit I still haven’t make a slow cooker one yet. That is on my to do list! Wishing you a lovely week xx

    • Thank you, Sofia! It’s a true lesson and easy to forget self care when things around you feel crazy. As for chicken… It tastes like home.

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