1. I haven’t reread Anna Karenina in ages! I wonder how I would feel about the characters now that I am – at least – ten years older. Your waffles look delicious, they make me wish I had a waffle iron… and I love adding yogurt into batters, they usually end up so much lighter and fluffier. The citrus-vanilla combo also sounds delicious!

    • I read the newest version by two lovely translators when it came out and it was surprising how I understood the story so differently. It really is genius. The waffle iron was a gift from my brother and mom because they know Alex loves waffles. You’re right about yogurt. It really changes everything. I put it in scones as well. The vanilla here is everything. I hope you’re doing well. Have a great weekend, Darya!

  2. Didn’t know that, but then again I am not a huge waffle person. Your recipe might get me to change my mind. Real vanilla beans is probably the key in why theses are so delicious. The yogurt must make them lighter and not heavy like some waffles. Looks like you created a real winner.
    Husbands are like that – forget what they said a week ago. Don;t you love it. A major gender difference I imagine.

    • I think waffle day is a made up holiday by like one person! You’re right, the vanilla here is what does it for me. I think adding seltzer to the waffles also makes them very light. So funny about husbands. He really has no memory of some things. 🙂 Happy Easter weekend to you.

  3. I might need to buy a waffle iron. You’ve reminded me of teenage holidays in Brittany, eating waffles covered in caster sugar on the pier from an old waffle van and that in turn reminds me of reading Anthony Bourdain. What could be better …other than reading your blog?
    You must have been very busy again – you’ve been missed 🙂

    • What a lovely memory and I’m a bourdaine fan, as you know. Thanks for noticing that I’m running behind. I had a very, very taxing week. All turned out fine, but my whole family had a bit of a a scare this week. I’ve got some inspired recipes on deck but being so preoccupied this week reminded me of my own place in the world and food-wise that I actually had photos of these waffles that I literally eat every weekend and I was holding out! Every Saturday I come to my own blog post to modify my old recipe and thought, why haven’t I posted the modified recipe? So nice to see you here as always and touched to know I’m missed. Happy Easter. All the best to you.

  4. omg this makes me want to get a waffle iron real quick! and those kumquats on top are gorg. i just tasted my first kumquat a couple of weeks ago and i love their tartness- totally going to try candying them, though! i want these for breakfast tomorrow. any chance you deliver? 😉

    • Thank you, Chaya. It was a great gift from my brother. The kumquats really elevate the whole meal. I read that you tried kumquats. I’m so glad you like them. I remember the first time I tried them I was peeling them and lamenting that so much work had to go into eating them and wondered why people did it. Then my mom told me to eat it whole and that the skin was the sweetest part. I was sold immediately. I will deliver in exchange for a reprieve from the city pace and a pie! I hope you’re healing well and enjoying yourself. xo

  5. I’ve a griddle/panini press and I’m been resisting the urge to purchase their new waffle plates. And now your post. I’ve told myself that I’d never use the plates often enough to justify their expense but I know I’d make these waffles quite often, creating another problem entirely. Life can be so hard. 😀

    • BTW … I experienced problems trying to access this post. Whether it was on my side or yours, I guess we’ll never know and the situation corrected itself. May it stay that way.

      • Uh oh thank you for telling me! I hope it wasn’t my site! I’ve got a masterpiece coming out soon if I can figure out the technology to upload it 🙂

    • So funny! I can’t find the grill plates in my cabinet and I’m having the same argument with myself! I can’t resist! Such wonderful worries! Be well!

  6. I had the same negative reaction to both Anna and Vronsky when I read Anna Karenina back in high school. Maybe it’s time to revisit this novel and see if I feel differently. I also plan to make these waffles. Thanks for the literary and culinary inspiration!

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I bet you’ll understand this time why anna is how she is. The waffles are great. I think you’ll like them! Be well!

  7. I inherited a waffle iron from my folks when they moved and am discovering the joys of waffle making on Sunday mornings. I’m going to try your recipe here with a GF flour mix – love the vanilla yogurt and I just got some fresh vanilla beans. I also recently began watching Gilmore Girls for the first time and it is such a fun show! And now you have me thinking about Anna Karenina…I may need to re-read with a more adult perspective. Happy weekend to you!

    • I want to try waffles with anther kind of flour. I’m thinking buckwheat might be good. Chickpea would be odd, right? Worth a shot. I tried tapioca flour one and I they were stretchy like pan de bono or almojabanas. So glad you like gilmore girls!! Have a great weekend!

      • Buckwheat is wonderful – I’ve been using a mix of it with rice flour for waffles. I think the buckwheat might be too overpowering with the vanilla yogurt, though, so I think I’ll go for oat flour.

        • You were right! I used full buckwheat this morning and while the yogurt cut it I think another flour would be perfect with it. Oat will be amazing.

          • Oat flour is indeed wonderful! I made a batch this morning and we devoured them. Nice and tangy from the yogurt (plus I had buttermilk to use up so used in place of milk) and full of vanilla flavor (Greek yogurt plus a vanilla bean). I liked them so much I even ate them unadorned! But I’m thinking of topping with roasted rhubarb next time. Thank you so much and happy Sunday!

    • You sound like you’ve made your share of awesome pancakes. Yogurt in baking is really just magic. Wishing you many happy pancake mornings!

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