1. Glad you are enjoying the aftermath of the storm. My family is not happy having to deal with clearing 29 inches. What a clever idea for making kumquats and a great way to enjoy fruit.

  2. i’ve never had a kumquat before, my eyes gloss over them at the market in favor of the usual produce.

    we are still snowed in, and we’re on our last day of “fresh” food. i’m breaking out tomorrow, i have to.

    • I hear you, Lan! I was going stir crazy after two days. I was actually really surprised with how well my pantry held up. I need more freezer items though. Kumquats are a fun snack if you just want to pop then in without fussing with peeling. Get out of the house soon!

  3. Oh this is so beautiful, Amanda! I wish it would snow like this in Lille, but it never ever does! Not like that in any case. I adore kumquats (are those little yellow ones kumquats too? We only get small orange ones here!), and love them in sweet and savory recipes. I’ve yet to try candying them, but already know I’d love it. Beautiful pictures too!

    • Thank you, Darya. I think Lille would be so beautiful under a blanket of snow. The little yellow ones are kumquats too. Until i found these, I thought they were only orange. So funny. You would like these! I put them in everything now. I’m headed over to your page in a minute to see what wonderful concoction you’ve got up 🙂

  4. What a vision the empty streets of NYC were, I can’t imagine what it must have felt like walking / skiing down those normally super busy roads. A TV marathon and booze and kumquats – sounds heavenly. What a coincidence, I tried a dry candied kumquat the other day at the fruits & nuts stall at the market, it is sunshine in a bite! I had to buy a large bag (of course) but when that’s empty, I’ll make my own, like you. Love them on yoghurt & muesli. Nicole

    • Ohh great idea, Nicole. I hadn’t thought of adding them to a breakfast bowl. It really was a vision. You described the taste perfectly, sunshine in a bite. And yes, having a weekend like that made it so much harder to get back to work, except that I was starting to get a bit of cabin fever. Nothing a little wandering around wouldn’t cure. Be well! xo

  5. Wow, the toboggan tied to the truck sounds like great fun! Your kumquats look beautiful – I particularly like the bowl with the star anise on top. Every time I visit Fortnum and Masons, I’m fascinated by their astonishing array of candied fruits 🙂

    • Thanks, MD. The toboggan ride was always such a highlight, a terrifying one. My dad told me my sister just mentioned the toboggan ride too because she’s in DC covered in snow. I only know what Fortnum and Masons is because I had a friend who stayed in England when we were traveling through Europe together. She decided never to come home. When she got married I wanted to send her a gift and I looked online and found that awesome store and some great gift baskets. I liked candied fruits growing up, then I didn’t like them and now I like them again. There really isn’t much now that I don’t like. Cooking and preparing things has a way of doing that to you.

  6. It is pretty eerie when the streets are quiet like that isn’t it?
    In the Boston Blizzard last year we were sledding and skiing down our blocks too. People walking around taking pictures, helping others shovel out, going to the ONE convenience store that was somehow open…

    I like the memory from when you were a kid too! Made me kinda wish I could do some of that now, haha!!

    You know I’ve never played with kumquats before and this is such a neat use of them. Especially on the waffles! Did you need a lot of syrup with them or were the kumquats sweet enough?

    • You’re so right, Dana. It is eerie, but fun. I had to hit up 2 liquor stores before I found an open one. It was my mission. You can still tie a toboggan to a truck and risk your life. The fun is worth any injury you risk. LOL! The kumquats are sweet and very concentrated. You dont need much syrup and if you want to do it over waffles you can even pour some of the syrup from the jar (if you didn’t go for the drying method). It’s a simple syrup of sugar and water with a hint of citrus. Good stuff.

    • Oh anna, I’ve been thinking of you as I’ve also been watching the Australian open religiously. I’m not as jealous this year because it’s been milder here and at the open in terms of temps. But now that I know you have kumquat trees im jealous again. I think I need to be reborn as Australian. I’m bundling up now to trudge over to work in the snow piles 🙂

  7. I love kumquats and can’t imagine how delightful they would be candied! I was skipping with my daughter years ago, when she lived in London and received boxes of produce delivered to her every week. She held up a kumquat and asked me what it was and how to eat it. I told her to pop it into her mouth, and it was really funny to watch her react. Then she ate the rest of them! They’re addictive!!!

    • I totally agree, Mimi. My first experience was similar. My mom saw me trying to peel and seed them and I told her “theyre good, just a lot of work” that’s when she told me you can eat the sweet skin and pop them in whole. It made all the difference. So good! ?

    • Thanks, Michelle. Im experimenting with the photography. And kumquats are so good. The thing about NYC is that the snow disappears within a at it two. I think trucks collect it and bring it to staten island. It’s almost bizarre that you could have 2 feet of snow and two days later wear heels to go out in. Not at all how I grew up.

  8. I tried my hand making kumquat jam and it was a colossal failure. The entire batch ended up in the trash. That scared me off of the stuff for several years now. Seeing your candied fruit, though, and another’s kumquat preserves, has me thinking that maybe I should re-enter the fray. Thanks for prodding me in that direction. There will be no need to send a blizzard; I’m convinced. 🙂

    • Haha that’s happened to me too, John. It takes a manageable recipe to get me back to the disaster item in question. Candying them may be easier than jam. Blizzards are fun for the first day 🙂 Be well!

  9. Love the photos of your waffles and kumquats in front of your snow covered window. Just perfect. 😀 With 50 degree weather this week that snow will be gone before you know it.

    • I know! So crazy. Does your new place have kumquats growing? Soon I’ll be drinking lemonade if the weather really is that warm. Thanks as always for stopping by.

  10. The photos of this posts are great! The contrast between the dark wood and the kumquats is wonderful and I love, love the snow covered window! I’m not familiar with kumquats – I don’t think I have ever tried them. I’ll look for them! Thank you, Amanda! And have a great week!

    • Thanks so much, Francesca! I’ve really been working on it and playing with light. It’s a fun journey. I hadn’t had kumquats until recently but they’re such a great sweet and sour treat in the winter. Be well. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

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