• Thanks, David. The original had it with truffle oil and sheep’s milk and was such a luxury. I thought of you as I made this actually, since you taught me how to make paneer and I haven’t made any “queso fresco” since that initial attempt. I hope you’re well!

    • Thanks, Lan! I hadn’t even thought of the lactose free option, but yes! And I agree with you about toast. It really does make everything just a little bit better. Looking forward to some more bday fun.

  1. This all sounds so delicious! I have never made ricotta, but you make it sound inspirational and easy! I especially love your photos of the ricotta in the cheesecloth. I also enjoyed your saying that the longing itself can take you where you need to be. Very true. We don’t always know where the longing will lead us, but it is good to listen to it, and to even allow ourselves to dream. A good reminder for a new year.

    • Thank you, Jenny. I always love your thoughtful comments. I hadn’t made ricotta until yesterday and it’s almost foolproof. I want to try it now using different kinds of milks. You will feel so good about it when you actually give it a shot. As for our own desires, they’ll always inform us of something even if the longing itself isn’t what it is that we need. Be well! xo

  2. Oh wow, Amanda, this is so simple and yet so elegant and sophisticated at the same time. I love the flavors of butter and citrus on a simple toast, and the sound of the olive oil and honey on top of the creamy ricotta. I think it is a great thing that blogging can open new horizons, in this case making your own cheese. I’ve taught myself so much thanks to other blogs, and blogging has certainly made me more daring in the kitchen. I have yet to make my own ricotta, especially when you make it sound so simple! Today I ate at my yoga teacher’s; he served his home-made paneer in a spicy vegetable sauce, it was amazing! Such a great texture. And he claims it is super easy to make too! I’ve still got so much to learn, and there are so many inspiring people out there (on the Web or just around the corner).

    • I hear you, Darya. I completely agree with your sentiments. How funny that you just had the same recipe. I’ve watched some of your journey through lacto-fermentation and it’s inspired me too. It really is an empowering thing to learn how things are made and what creative combinations can be formed. You should definitely give this a shot. It’s right up your ally. Thanks as always for stopping by. xo

    • Oh that does look similar and so so good. Great link. What a wonderful region where something like this is ubiquitous and classic. You don’t necessarily need to hang the cheese. You can just let it drain over a big bowl. The hanging here was purely for photo purposes : ) If you can’t go to the Mediterranean you have to make it come to you.

      • Yes and it’s the most wonderful simple pudding! I need those hooks for other things too, but I do like the idea of hanging cheese. You definitely do need to make the Med come to you, when it’s so far away, especially when so many Americans can trace their families back to it 🙂

    • Thank you, Jovina. The homemade ricotta is what took this to the next step. My mom recommended that book too! Thanks. Now I’ll have to read it! I have a feeling I’ll get sucked right in.

  3. Ahhhhhh the picture of the ricotta in the cheese cloth are giving me so much LIFE right now I can’t even stand it!!!

    Curious what you end up planning for the hubby – is it a surprise sort of thing?

  4. Amanda,
    This is epic stuff. A friend of mine made his own recently. It was pretty good indeed. However, it lacked some of the density you have achieved. What advice can I give him? I love your flavour combinations. Very impressive.

    • Thanks, Conor. It was so easy. I’m wondering if your friend didn’t use a high enough fat content. This is a whole milk cream combo. Also you need to let it sit before straining. That’s it. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  5. I love how we take inspiration from others. The way you described this simple dish has certainly inspired me to recreate your tasty meal. I hope your husband enjoys his birthday celebrations.

  6. I’ve not bought ricotta since I made my first batch some 6 years ago. There really is no comparison between homemade and store bought. Have you made mascarpone yet? It’s another great one to make at home and not much different from making ricotta.
    Cheesy recipes aside, your toast sounds like a delicious way to serve the creamy ricotta. A wonderful combination, to be sure, Amanda.
    As always, your photos are stunning.

    • I totally agree about homemade. No I’ve never made mascarpone! Is it really easy too?!! I’m doing it tomorrow! Thanks for the tip off! This is a great recipe. You’d love it. Thanks for the lovely comment.

  7. Amanda, what a wonderful pre-birthday meal! You seriously put a shame on me now with your homemade ricotta which must be to die for – just had a slice of ricotta tart for breakfast, made with a store bought one and disappointingly not as delicious as expected…Love the idea of the birthday brunch, I bet your husband did, too! He´s a lucky guy to have you!

    • Thank you, Anna! I do think you’ll love it and it tastes so good fresh. I can only imagine how great your baked ziti would be with this. Thank you always for your kind comments.

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