1. Lovely brownies, Amanda, I love all the suggested variations as well, especially the spiced one. And how you talk about visiting your Grandma, and promising not to share her recipes. Have a very nice holiday season!

    • Thank you, Darya. The variations are key, but for the party I wanted to keep it kind of neutral. I had a great time visiting Grandma. It’s so special. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season too. I owe you an email 🙂

  2. I love homemade brownies! Your variations look like fun. I enjoyed reading about your visit with your grandma. You are so lucky to have such a close relationship with her. The love of grandparents is so unconditional and special, that I understand what you mean about it being heart-breaking.

    • Thank you, Jenny. I really am lucky. Most people my age don’t get to experience a relationship like this. It really is so so special that I was afraid to write about it. You know how sometimes you want to keep something special a secret…I agree with you about that unconditional love. And the love of brownies. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments 🙂 Be well.

  3. i am so much in love with your grandma! I LOVE GRANDMAS. it sounds likes you have just about the loveliest time with her. and while i cry that you aren’t sharing her recipe, i totally totally agree with why you aren’t sharing it.

    • hahah aww. I recall you having a similar relationship with your grandma too 🙂 We really did have a nice time. I think we both really enjoy these visits and it’s even better when the bitter cold breeze from the Atlantic isn’t threatening to blow us over. I promise you this recipe is very close and the results are just as amazing if not better! Be well

  4. So heartwarming that you have such a wonderful relationship with your grandmother and that you take time to go and visit her. I am sure was thrilled and, of course, she is going to fuss over you.
    My husband would love these brownies – first they are brownies and them they are made with dark chocolate.
    Have fun during the holidays.

    • Thank you, Jovina. We really do have a great time together. It’s a highlight for both of us. And these brownies are so good! They’re easy to make and can be altered in so many ways. Happy holidays to you too! All the best.

  5. You won’t believe this, but I love Brownies and yours look perfect! I had a wonderful Grandma too, so I read this with a tear in my eye.
    I don’t believe you could be a bad mean Grandma if you tried and I think kids need someone who embodies goodness – there’s enough badness out there and they need an antidote 😉

    • Omg a sweet that md likes?!!! Wow. I’m glad you can relate. It is a special relationship. I almost didn’t post this because it’s too close to me. I agree with you about my grandparenting skills. I don’t think I could be bad. And there is precious little good so I should probably stay in that realm. 🙂 thanks again, MD. I think you’d like Coney island.

    • Thank you, Dana!!! I’ve been experimenting! So glad you noticed. Isn’t it funny that the more you learn the more you know you need to learn. So annoying! Always so great to hear from you. And thanks for gma’s bday wishes. I hope you’re well. xoxo

  6. Happy (belated) birthday to your grandmother. The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is a very special, unique one and it is essential to the personality of any decent human being. Enjoy every second spent with her. She sounds like a very special woman.

  7. You are so right, the unwavering love of a grandmother is so special and your grandmother sounds so sweet and caring. I have wonderful memories of mine…I used to love the stuffed cabbage she made for me for my birthday. I can’t resist a brownie and I know I would love yours.

    • Thank you, Karen. My grandma made stuffed cabbage too. I should make it more! I’m glad you had that special connection too. It’s amazing the memories that food can conjure up. Be well.

  8. Beautiful brownies and gorgeous photos! I love your variations – that’s exactly how I like to cook and bake as well! Never make the same recipe twice – or rarely do I!

  9. Robyn Cincotta

    I’m hooked now! Going to try those brownies this weekend and I’ll let you know how they turn out!

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