1. That’s a great idea, taking something self contained. It sounds like you’ve had a lovely week of lunches – I recommend reading The Theory and Practice of Lunching by Keith Waterhouse – it’s quite funny.
    I’m off to Barcelona tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I don’t anticipate eating turkey, but I do expect extreme lunching every day!
    Wishing you happy holidays 😉

  2. Good lord, have you been in trial? If so, I don’t believe for a minute that those days are as short as the court part of it may be. The galette looks grand. Hope you have a lovely holiday.

    • Thanks, Michelle. You got it. I’m in love with the government hours even if they’re not mine completely. Thus building the delicious galette bit by bit. I should be done by next Thursday. We get thanksgiving and Friday off, which is good. Great to hear from you as always. Be well and have a happy happy thanksgiving. Im so grateful for your friendship here and I’m woefully behind on yours (and everyone’s blogs). Xo

  3. Hah, I know how you feel about those government hours, I really loved them during my last job (I finished later, but had a TWO hour break for lunch)! This galette sounds lovely, I love veggie pies and tarts, and love the caramelized onions and tangy goat cheese you added here. I am travelling to Paris tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, and there is bound to be something with butternut squash on the table, as well as my mom’s pumpkin pie! There is so much that we need to be thankful these days. I hope you are well. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones!

  4. What a beautifully-looking squash!!! I love gallettes, but never tried to add a squash. The squash itself was sweet or not?
    And Happy belated Thanksgiving Day, Amanda! Hope it was the happy and cheerful one! 🙂

    • Thank you! Thanksgiving was great. This squash is sweeter, but not as sweet as butternut so it is perfect here. Hope all is well with you. Great to see you. Xo

    • Thank you so much. I made bread, which I think was so good but compared to all the other delicious food it got lost in the mix. Next time I need to cook there and make somethingng like this galette. I hope you enjoyed thanksgiving as well. 🙂

  5. What you describe here is not only a delicately composed recipe, but also my own way of cooking step by step. Many things I cook are prepared exactly as you did with the galette; you call it slow cooking. It´s also the attempt to get something complex done without having the time to stick to it in one go. How cool you are well organized enough to do so with a time consuming job like yours. I can imagine working at a law firm includes a very busy schedule. Hope you´ve found the time for family at thanksgiving, I´m sometimes a bit envious we Germans/”newly French” don´t really celebrate that tradition.
    Many many greetings, Amanda. Sabine.

    • Thank you, Sabine for your thoughtful comment. Slow cooking is a euphemism here for “I don’t have time to do it all at once,” or just to do it all period. I did make the family rounds for Thanksgiving and it was nice. Now im going to try to make some quiet time. Im planning on making a version of your gnocchi this week! Im a novice so we’ll see how it goes. Enjoy your week!

      • Don´t be surprised, the dough seems a bit sticky. But with well floured hands, surface, knife etc, it´s good to handle and leaves you with softer gnocchi as opposed to using more flour in the dough. Hope you´ll like the recipe!

  6. Michelle’s thoughts were mine too – are you in trial?! Did it end yesterday?! Oh my goodness. You are beyond incredible for producing this gorgeous galette and two loaves of bread all while going to court, and sounding so calm and composed, too — just whoa. (Also, saying withdrawn and starting over like you never said anything at all made me laugh!) My endless admiration for this beautiful galette and your legal badass-ery. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving amidst it all!

    • Cynthia, thank you for your awesome comment! I admire your blog so much. Your time management skills inspire mine! Sometimes I think, “I just cannot this week” and a lovely post of yours comes out and I’m like, “of course I can!” The case settled the day before Thanksgiving so I was able to visit my family. I do love downtown though. Oddly, bread, even if it’s incredible takes a back seat to all the other wonderful food my mom and mother-in-law cooked. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving too!

  7. I love how you take the time to make slow food, even if your schedule is hectic. I always try to too. I can’t bare it when people say they don’t have the time to cook – when they spend hours each day watching TV… What a beautiful galette and Ive have to try making a proper galette crust with herbs like yours. Wow it must smell delicious!

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