1. That looks wonderful and just the perfect amount of garlic for me! I will have to buy and cook some forbidden rice – just the name of it sounds sexy.
    I missed you last week – I’m glad to see you back 🙂

  2. This is a wonderful recipe Amanda – so many levels of flavor. I occasionally make black rice, but the Italian variety and it is very tasty. The Asian seasonings must add considerable depth and flavor. Such an interesting meal. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, jovina. That’s exactly what I love about this. It’s the depth and different qualities of the flavor. Black rice is good on it’s own so I’m sure yours is amazing. My favorite part here is the capers. So good. Thanks for your comment as always. It’s great to see you.

  3. “The natural contraction of life that comes with colder weather” is such a wonderful phrasing for how I feel these days (though it’s still very warm here). This might be comfort food for some, but to me it is a totally new combination of flavors! I would never have thought of adding fried capers to an Asian inspired chicken recipe. It sounds quite delicious anyway!

    • It’s still warm here too, but I know what’s coming. It’s new flavors for me too, but it’s a recipe that was passed down from Mandy’s mom and the capers were a substitute for a harder to find Chinese ingredient, but it all worked perfectly. It was new and comforting at the same time and so so good. I hope you’re doing well. Linda (Petit Paniere) made your buns yesterday and posted them on instagram with some nice compliments about you 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’re well.

      • I’m ok; it is hard not to think of the recent events all the time, and the atmosphere here isn’t too great, but it will eventually pass…
        Linda wrote to me, and eventhough I don’t have Instagram I could still see her picture of the buns, I’m glad she liked them. It’s nice to hear back from people who try your recipes!

        • I totally agree. And I completely understand. The contraction of life comes after horrifying world events too. I didn’t leave my house on Saturday. It’s sad and scary and part of a bigger problem. It’s helpful to know that some major organizations like Human Rights Watch, that I work with sometimes on cases has been monitoring the larger situation and looking into humane efforts to combat this type of thing for years before this. Still very scary and awful and it will take time. I’m thinking of you and our thoughts in NY are in France. You can feel it here too.

  4. you’re so right that chicken + rice is such a comfort food. my favorite version is the vietnamese version, which is based off of the hainese chicken + rice. my second favorite is khao man gai, the thai version, which is also based off the hainese one. though, i am not a fan of the chinese version. go figure.

    • So funny. I do love thai and Vietnamese as well. It’s amazing to me that they all are the same thing but treated so differently that you’d barely know it. Like meatballs, eery culture puts it’s spin on it. So great to hear from you. Be well. Xo

    • Thanks so much, Chica. It’s nice to know that you appreciate them. It does feel like sharing a huge piece of myself when I share the recipe like that. Always great to hear from you. Be well.

  5. Mark

    I never NOT worry about you and your sibs. This was another lovely post…both prose and recipe. Ask mom about my favorite comfort food and see if you can make a delicious variation.
    Try to find time to write more.
    You know I love you always….
    Your fatha

    • Thanks, Dad. I don’t know what your comfort food is. I know it’s chicken at grandma’s, but I’m not sure at home. If mom let’s me in the kitchen I’ll try to make it next weekend after Thanksgiving. Writing is cathartic and difficult and I may get back to the stories at some point. I’m okay. No need to worry even if it’s your job. Looking fwd to seeing you next week. Hope you had fun at grandma’s today. Say hi to the General. Love you too. Ya daughta

  6. Awww, such a lovely post, inspired by family and like right in time for the biggest family day in America, heehee 😀
    But seriously, I appreciate this post a lot (probably because I just love the way you write) 🙂

    And like Darya, I wouldn’t have thought to fry capers and add it to this, mmmhmmm!!
    Sooooo freakin good Amanda.

    • Thanks, Dana. The comfort food is all Coney Island and now with a hint of fried briny wonderfulness. I love your comments. It’s such a beautiful feeling when your writing resonates with people. I happen to think you’re laugh out loud funny because you’re spot on all the time. I do need a time it to catch up on commenting but I’m still reading. Hope you’re loving your job still. Xo

  7. Nothing will stop me from duplicating this…verbatim. What a post Amanda. I love the recipe and even more love your written word. I have to say I also smiled when I read your exchange with your father…or fatha, rather. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. 🙂

    • Haha. Thank you, Seana! We have Brooklyn accents, he more than I because he grew up there and I was raised upstate mostly. There is something special about chicken and rice and this was so, so good. So much flavor. Thanks for such a beautiful comment. I always look forward to hearing from you, truly. It helps to get encouragement for the things you hold dear. I hope you’re doing well. Have a wonderful thanksgiving too. Xo

  8. Mark

    Mexican meat (turkey for coronary artery people) loaf. Super comfort meal… With baked potato super spicy..

    Love always,
    Your fatha

    Try to bring ALL this year

    • Oh right. Mexican meat loaf with baked potato. The bane of my existence. Some classics should just never be touched. They’re too perfect. I’ll do my best. Gnite.

  9. What a lovely written post, Amanda. My mother was a very plain cook, she said she didn’t even like to cook. Your post brought memories back of her chicken and rice, I always liked it. 🙂 With all the wonderful ingredients in this recipe, it could be nothing but great.

    • Thanks, Karen. That’s so funny about your mom. Sometimes my grandma said “Im not really a cook”. But clearly she was. She cooked the food right in front of me. I didn’t understand what she was trying to say or false modesty. She cooked well. If you can make chicken and rice, you cook. 🙂 enjoy the weekend.

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