1. Wow, they look quite amazing baked! I have no problem with apple access, in spite of being relatively central in London. There are two apple trees in the garden behind my flat and the farmer I go to at the farmers’ market specialises in heritage apples and pears. I don’t think I’ve knowingly had doughnuts fried in lard, but I’m sure that used to be the traditional frying medium, depending on what was available locally. I bet it’s normal in Spain – it’s very common in Spanish croissants.
    I did read something interesting about oils and fats recently, where it was stated that lard is much healthy for frying than vegetable oil – vegetable oils oxidise and become very bad for you when heated:
    Lard is the new sunflower oil! Who would have thought that? 😉

    • Ha! I had read something similar as well. I think I’ll avoid that all together in these baked beauties. You have an apple tree behind your flat? That’s so cool. Your farmer’s market Apple guy sounds awesome. Apple season really is fun. I didn’t know that about spanish croissants, but I’m not surprised. Everything is so decadent. Thanks for the article. Very interesting. I’m going to continue to experiment with wonderful fall doughnuts. This recipe would have filled me in a taste test, but for a very slight difference in consistency. Be well, Md. Does one who doesn’t like cake, eat cider doughnuts?

      • To be honest I think croissants made with butter taste better than with lard. I’m not entirely convinced by the idea of frying doughnuts in lard either, but only because I’m not used to it.
        I did like doughnuts as a child and I loved custard ones, which I discovered in my early 20s. I can’t really see me baking doughnuts, but I’d definitely like to try yours 🙂

  2. Amazing recipe! I am sooooo going to make these next week when I’m back in England and can buy some gorgeous cider. Love the memories you shared with us too – lovely post 🙂

  3. I live in the suburbs (around an hour from the Catskill mountains), so the apple picking and pumpkin roasting that comes with the season is so real here! I love it. Love being surrounded by nature, near such good, fresh food and produce, and being able to really experience the seasons. You’re lucky you grew up in the thick of it! These doughnuts look sooo good! I made apple cider doughnuts a few years ago and dipped them in glaze. Next time, I’m doing glaze AND cinnamon sugar!

    • Oh you live in such a beautiful place. Those doughnuts sound amazing. Fauxmartha posted pumpkin doughnuts this week. I can’t wait to try them and add a crazy glaze and tons of spice. The last (and only) doughnuts I made were your Valentine’s doughnuts. This may be the beginning of something dangerous. I hear it starts slowly.

  4. Definitely going to make these Amanda. Two weeks ago I baked an apple cider donut cake and it flopped, The recipe (and photo’s) looked amazing and I didn’t miss a beat in following directions, but…it was so heavy, like a rock. Organic raw apple cider isn’t cheap and this recipe called for 2 cups…which was like…$5 worth. Oh well, my son ate it anyway and didn’t complain. Here’s to pumpkins, apples, squash and the beautiful season of autumn! Hope you are doing well. 🙂 Now it looks like I’ll have to pick up a donut pan. And, I’m going to have to check out fauxmartha’s site.

    • I hate when that happens! It’s happened to me before. This recipe is perfect. You’ll get 12 minis or 6 regular. They are more cake like than fried ones but if eaten writing the first day or two the consistency is perfect. I didn’t want to but a doughnut pen, but the batter won’t hold without a pan. I’m glad to hear you’re making the most of the season. And boys well east anything. Let me know if you like these! Be well.

    • Thank you, Linda. You’ve been putting out such amazing things I think gig need to open up a shop. I’m completely serious. The coating on these is what makes them! Be well!

  5. How funny is this, I’ve got my apple cider already reduced in the fridge, waiting to make some doughnuts for aeons – but where’s the time? Thanks for the push, who could wait any longer now I’ve drooled over your pictures.
    Nicole xx

    • Thanks, Nicole. These are do quick you won’t even need the reduced version. It’s part of what I love about these. No reduction, no fuss just flavor and a few minutes in the oven. Enjoy!!

      • And they are baked, no crisco! What’s not to love there? I so will enjoy these, I’ve been hankering for some for a while but no energy & time to get out the stuff and fry some doughnuts. Now, I am baking.

      • And they are baked, no Crisco! What’s not to love there? I so will enjoy these, I’ve been hankering for some for a while but had absolutely no energy & time to get out the stuff and fry some doughnuts. This weekend, I am baking…

  6. I really enjoyed reading about your memories, and how living in a small country town made you closer to all the people living there. These doughnuts look and sound delicious, such perfect comfort food for the chilly fall afternoons. Why don’t I own a doughnut pan yet? I’d love to make these!

    • Thank you, Darya. There is something great about a small town. There’s also something nice about anonymity. Like anything it cuts both ways. I didn’t own a doughnut pan until February on a whim I decided to see what a baked doughnut would taste like. I’d say my first experience wasn’t great, but these are awesome and I plan to bake my way through some of the other really good looking baked doughnuts on Melissa’s site. Have a great weekend.

    • Aww you’d love these! I know how you feel about a small town too. It’s partially what made me move to the city. But now the very things that attracted me to NYC are what make me visit home, slow living and people who know you. Double edged sword i guess. Have a great weekend!

  7. My dad has always told us about growing up in MI and eating apple cider donuts at the apple orchards. I think I will need to make these for the sake of experience and nostalgia. So delighted to have run across your blog tonight!!

    • Thanks, Loran! So am I. Your photos are gorgeous. Apple cider doughnuts are such a ritual. I really can’t get enough of this fall wonderfulness. I’m looking forward to reading more from you! Xo

  8. Loved your well written post about living in a small town in New York and your recipe. This is probably the time of the year that I will miss New England and our orchard the most.

    • Thank you, Karen. I’m sure this is the hardest time to be away, but everything in its own time. My parents moved from that beautiful town last year and have been so happy ever since. Im not ready to let go but they really enjoy less land and less upkeep. Be well!

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