1. I am sending my husband out to get us some garlic, I can’t stop thinking about roasted garlic now (he’ll might be thanking you later). Nice pizza, Amanda, with a really neat flavour combination and beautiful colours, green-white-red, of course.

    • Thanks so much, Nicole. I guess I inadvertently have Mexican colors (or Italian) stuck in my head. I totally understand that garlic desire. I used to eat heads of garlic with olive oil growing up, until my mom threatened that I’d never get a boyfriend if I continued. But I still love it. That and caramelized onions together are one of the best flavor combos you can have, plus a little pesto. This really hit all of the buttons. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

      • HI Amanda, now you raising the stakes with the caramelized onions, I can smell them both together. You are right, nothing more enticing than the smell of onions and garlic frying. You were a very clever child, have a great weekend as well, ours certainly will have some onions & garlic! N xx

    • Ohh a woman of my own heart. I love an egg on pizza. I’ll update the instructions to reflect that I actually placed the raw egg right on top of the raw ingredients and it cooks in the 12-15 minute broil in the oven. You just have to make sure it’s centered so it doesn’t drip off the side. I keep an eye on it so it stays kind of runny, the way I like it.

    • I really do love the dough. It came out full of flavor, rustic and nuanced. Thanks re: the toppings. I really stuck with classics here with a base of olive oil and pesto. I just love these homemade pizzas. I had it with a glass of white and a salad and it was just perfect. Have a great weekend, Jovina.

  2. Lovely words about the change of season and remaining true to yourself no matter what happens! I adore pizza of any kind, but I’ve never tried overnight pizza dough yet; it sounds fairly simple and looks delicious! I’ve just tried a foccacia dough using semolina and absolutely LOVED it, so soft and airy (and I topped it with caramelized red onions too!). Love the flavors here… a simple delicious pizza bianca, with an amazing garlic paste and slight bitterness from the arugula pesto. I guess it isn’t such as simple pizza after all, with all those layers of flavor!

    • Oh that foccacia with semolina sounds amazing. I’ve been meaning to do that for so long here, but I’m reserving it for a very special sandwich that requires lots of work. Thanks so much for your compliments on the pizza. And yes, I think the only thing you can do to keep sane is know yourself and hunker down for the ride. Have a wonderful weekend, Darya. xo

  3. How delicious! I normally throw all the dough ingredients into my ancient (50 years+) Kenwood Chef and let the dough hook do the kneading, but I like the idea of slow no knead. Reading your description of the garlic paste makes me positively ravenous – years ago in America, I was given a little clay garlic roaster which was brilliant for making spreadable garlic – great on toast with soup in the winter. Sadly the roaster didn’t survive the trip back to Europe, though I bet I could find another one if I tried. Then, reading down, there’s the pesto and caramelized onions!
    I was already planning a trip to the butcher, but I might have to go to the Italian deli first, luckily it’s almost next door 😉

    • My parents had that clay roaster! That’s how we used to roast it when I braved the heads of garlic with my dad an my brother. Oh nice that you have a an italian deli next door. If i were truly going to be decadent here, I’d do a simple white pizza and add a little prosciutto. This dough is excellent. I’ve never had a mixer so when I discovered the no knead method and how amazing the results are I felt justified in not springing for more devices. I know you are my kindred spirit when it comes to garlic. You should come to the garlic festival that happens every year in upstate new york near where I grew up. 🙂

      • That clay roaster was great, but foil works just as well. I even drop whole heads of garlic into soup sometimes, though if you do it too early they disappear and there’s no garlic to spread on toast. I would most definitely love to go to that garlic festival.
        The deli next door also does pizza and I found out yesterday that Time Out rates it as the best pizza in London – wow!

  4. We’re in Spain now Amanda so no bread making for the moment as we have a Panadero who delivers fresh bread daily to the door. But I’ve been craving pizza and yours looks so good…I’m inspired! And I too sometimes put an egg on it – the short time in very hot oven seems to perfectly cook the egg!

    • Oh i’m so jealous about your panadero! Too bad the US doesn’t have a culture of bread makers/deliverers. But yes I do crave pizza too when I’m away too long. In Mexico I had a pretty bad pizza, but I was desperate after weeks of Mexican food (which I love, but having grown up on variety I needed change). The egg here serves as a good timing mechanism. After around 12 mins it’s perfectly set 🙂 Enjoy espana!

  5. Read your wonderful post this early this morning and didn’t have a moment to leave a comment, so, I back! I thought about your words a few times throughout the day. You echo my sentiment about not knowing what’s in store for you, the lack of control over your life and just being yourself. Lovely words. And your pizza is wonderful! I love putting together a pizza without a plan. I need to try your dough. I usually cheat and either buy Trader Joe’s crust or a really spendy GF crust at the food co-op, which is fantastic…buy way too expensive! I’m inspired to make pizza this weekend! Enjoy your weekend.

    • What a thoughtful comment, Seanna. Thank you. I’m glad you agree with me about the seasons and the unknown. I feel like the changing of seasons really does signify the unknown, more-so than the beginning of a week or a month or any other moment, even a birthday. I’m glad you like the pizza. The dough takes 5 mins to throw together, you just need the foresight (which I often lack) to know you want pizza the next day. This really is good dough, the same as it is good bread. There’s nothing like it. I’ll have to look into Trader Joe’s though for the days where I can’t plan ahead. Have a great weekend. It’s always so great to hear from you.

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