1. I first thought the red hue of the bread came from the jelly, but then I read your post, and oh my, cranberry bread?! And red pepper jelly!?!!! Sounds incredible. So unusual. I would love to try this! The sweetness of the pepper, and the kick from the jalapeno. Yum. Would it be good with sheep’s milk cheese? Or is it best on its own?

    • Thanks, Darya. The jelly is red too, bit the bread is red from the cranberry. It works be great with any spreadable cheese. It would complement the kick. I love jelly with a kick.

  2. Lovely photos Amanda and they take me back to when I lived in the northeast. Your grandmother’s bread and the jelly look like a perfect match. Hope you get the tennis matches into your schedule.

  3. I’ve got some chilli jelly that my friend Amaia made for me! She’s Basque, but spent some time in Mexico. I can’t be sure that it’s 100% the same, but it certainly looks very similar and is hot.
    I love your Mexican pot with the lid and wouldn’t you love to cook in Frida Kahlo’s kitchen – especially if she were there 😉

  4. Oh my that sounds good. I have a lot of chiilis I managed to grow even in the cooler English climate, so will be giving this a go! Love the photos – so atmospheric 🙂 Hope you soon settle into some routine!

  5. The bread made me do a double-take. So pretty! Oh, how I love Maine. I used to spend lots of time in Portland for work. You’re right: it is such a great town, and great to have a business excuse to get up there then go farther afield. Like to Acadia!

    • Amazing that you did with there. I couldn’t figure out what kept their economy afloat. It’s a city of incredible food and young people but I didn’t see a ton of jobs. I don’t understand the anomaly of invention and youth without institution. This bread is amazing and the jelly just took it over the edge. I hope you’re well! Xo

      • Quite a few insurance jobs in the Portland area. And lots of well-educated folks who just didn’t feel like doing the whole Boston thing. And, oh yes, so many good restaurants. It’s been a number of years since I’ve visited. But, even back in the day, the food was great. (And, I’m well, thanks!)

  6. Love all of your photos! I was trying to figure out why the bread is pink, and now I know! Love your jelly. I’ve lived in New York, but never made it beyong Boston, and into new england proper. Maine is everything I expected it to be!

  7. I’ve never seen this either. I love your photos, so beautiful and colourful! With regards to pectin, I do see the point but I have to admit I don’t add pectin from a jar, I try to use pectin rich fruits when I make jam, and when not I have my tricks with apple and lemon seeds that are rich in pectin 😉

    • Well then i need to spend some more time on your blog. I’ve never really made jam/jelly before so this was the result of my research. But by all means, I’d love to find pectin in its natural form. I really do like knowing exactly what I’m putting into everything. I’d even prefer using yeast not from a packet in baking.

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