1. Oh wow, this looks very intriguing! I have never had olive oil in ice cream, but I like your mixing of counterintuitive flavors, and I love lavender in anything. I bet this tastes delicious and refreshing! We have had a heat wave here too.

    • Thanks, Jenny. I had some more lay night and I thought it got even better. Some might shut away from the oil but I love that flavor. It separated it from pure vanilla. I’m with you on lavender in anything. These flavors are so distinctly summer. Stay cool!

  2. That sounds fabulous. I think I’ve tasted lavender ice cream before and liked it. I’ve also eaten olive oil ice cream with sea salt, or rather Sal de Mar Caramelo Chocolate con Helado de Aceite de Oliva at a Spanish restaurant in London called Barrica, which again was delicious. I wonder if fennel pollen would be good with vanilla… 😉

  3. Fascinating. I haven’t ever had olive oil in ice cream and it has been a long time since I saw a hand egg beater. Your recipe sounds easy and delicious. If you don’t have to bother with an ice cream maker -why bother? How do you think this recipe would work with chopped fruit or nuts?

    • I think it would work with both. I want to try cherries! The hand beater was my great grandma’s. I have an electric one but I have to put it together and plug it in. This one is easier. The olive oil flavor is very subtle but delicious. Nice to see you. I missed a week and missed you!

  4. Steamy hot summers and ice cream…I crave this. Still dull, grey and cold in Melbourne, can’t get my head around packing for that kind of New York heat!
    Love that this icecream needs no machine…one less gadget Amanda… must be a good thing.

    • Oh man. I’m not sure because the key to the sweetness is the sweetened condensed milk. I’ll look into it and get back to you. I also want to do a yogurt too. Xo

    • Thank you, Cornelia. I can’t wait to try that either. I tried making kulfi, Indian ice cream and really messed it up. I should do a post on kitchen bloopers.

    • Thank you. It really is so good. It’s so great to see you here. I owe you (and everyone) a little internet love. Summer and work have me running around. Ice cream certainly plays its part 🙂

  5. Sounds grand! I started to say: Buy yourself an inexpensive ice cream maker. But that container part (of the el cheapo I have) does take up a lot of freezer space for a city apartment.

    • I hear you. That’s the problem. My freezer is “apartment-sized” which is really just a euphemism for tiny. I had to be creative fyi get this in there. But this method is good! I’m going to play with proportions and flavors and different milks. But this nailed it. Hope you’re well, Michelle.

  6. Hi Amanda, I’m in Burgundy, staying away from the computer as much as possible, but I couldn’t not read and comment on this one. I’ve had lavender ice cream before and remember liking it very much (though I must admit I have doubts about the fashion of using edible flours in various dishes), and I bet this very Provencal combination of olive oil and lavender works wonders! I’ve never made no churn ice cream (unless blending a frozen banana counts) but maybe I should be brave and give it a try! Have a lovely vacation!

    • Aww. So glad you did come on and comment. I hope you’re enjoying your relaxing time in Burgundy. This is a very Provencal combination, which is why I’m in love with it so much. It reminds me of my olive oil lavender cake from last summer. There is something about the combo in a (not too) sweet dessert that makes this a killer for me. I think lavender can be an overpowering scent and flavor so it must be used sparingly, but I do love it. You should try this no churn ice cream. I’ve been skeptical for years and now I can’t wait to experiment. Enjoy!

  7. Oooh, yum. Love the idea of the olive oil. I’ve been wanting to make a honey & marjoram ice cream for a while now. May try that with a good olive oil!

    • Hi Karinna! So great to see you. I’m glad you like the idea of olive oil. A few people are put off by it. Honey, majoram sounds amazing. I may actually try that too. The combinations are limitless. I love sophisticated flavors as much as I love the classics. Hope all is well with you!

  8. This is fantastic – I know I am going to make it very soon. The base (the whiping cream and the condensed milk) is the same as the one I use for my coffee ice cream which is always a big hit. so my family will love me for making this version for them 🙂 Thank you!

  9. This does sound wonderful Amanda. I had to smile at no churn ice cream being cheating. Funny how you thought of it that way. I don’t have an ice cream machine so my only choice is no churn. And I find homemade ice cream made without a machine much more charming. Like bread made by hand rather than in the bread machine. The beauty of imperfection….. so under-rated. 😉

    • Thank you, Lindy. I only think it’s cheating because the sweetened condensed milk is kind of a short cut from eggs and heating and then obviates the need to check on and churn. I really do want to try all these amazing flavors like corn, or mexican chocolate, but I don’t want to indulge yet.

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