1. Yay! Happy birthday, Amanda!
    I hope you have (or had) a great day. The cake looks amazing, I love that you make mascarpone frosting instead of cream cheese or buttercream. And I just love a chocolate+fruit combo (chocolate with any berries is just perfect). I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten a layer cake, but I know from the description that I would love this!
    I enjoyed reading your post about growing wiser and more grown-up.

    • Thank you, Darya! I really appreciate the wishes and your friendship 🙂 This is a cake you’d like. I know it. While it’s richer than the tarts we so enjoy, it’s light and delicious. I’m planning on having a spartak cake in Brighton Beach this weekend with my grandma. It’s my favorite Russian layer cake. As for growing wiser, it is really true isn’t it? Every day I learn something new. Have a great week. XO

  2. Happy Birthday Amanda!
    I’m no great lover of cakes (as you know), but when you replace cream with cheese my taste buds start to tingle. That looks like a fab cake 😉

    • LOL. Thank you! I actually don’t have baking pans and was thinking…hmmm what can I use…I had to make sure they wouldn’t break, but they held up well 🙂 Muchas gracias por los deseos y por leer. xoxo un beso.

  3. Wow wow wee wow!!
    Happy Birthday you beautiful woman, master of words and visual inspiration!
    You inspire me more than you now so here’s to another year of celebrating you <3

    My mom sent me a gave that saying, "Thong contest".
    It featured all old women, all hustling to the front of the stage for the thong contest.

  4. happiest of birthdays Amanda!!! I hope this new year holds happiness, love and fulfillment for you. your cake looks so delicious! I need a slice right now!

  5. Belated happy birthday, Amanda. Nothing beats chocolate and strawberries on special occasion; great combination. Lovely, delicious cake you made. I like what your brother said on the card; so full of wisdom. Best wishes to you, Amanda.

    • Thank you so much, Anna. You’re so thoughtful. The card just kind of forces you to keep your perspective. The cake was a real treat. I hope you’re having a great summer. Xo

  6. I love your little cakes. I have some small cake pans and intend to use them one day, so I know just where to look for a recipe without having to do all that math. Happy birthday!

    • Thanks so much, Michelle! I have to make them small or I’ll eat the whole thing. This one is great. Now that I’m learning proportions I want to experiment with new flavors. Enjoy the weekend! Xo

    • Thank you so much, Cynthia. You are too kind. I hope you’re truly enjoying married life and have many cakes (or mini cakes) in your future. Xo

  7. Similar feelings here about my 20ies as opposed to 30ies, you describe it very well, including the notion of not really being let in.
    Love the sweet treat & that you made it for yourself – happy, happy birthday, Amanda!

  8. Happy belated birthday to you! Looks like I’ve missed so very many wonderful posts here. Your thoughts on aging are beautifully optimistic. I love how you look at the world. Anyone who can compare getting older to an amazing chocolate layer cake is wise beyond her years 😀

    • Thank you so much, Liz. You’re always welcome here. What a truly beautiful compliment. I work on the optimism. It’s something I’ve cultivated through the years and work on daily 😉 all the best to you.

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